When a Woman Steps Forward

Cuando Una Mujer Avanza – When a Woman Steps Forward

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We are extremely excited about the latest Manovuelta film Cuando Una Mujer Avanza, which is about a young Oaxacan woman who is an absolutely amazing Hip Hop / Rap artist. This sister not only rhymes and sings in verse about real life situations faced by a young native woman from southern Mexico, but she also speaks to the entire world from a rarely heard perspective on life and community liberation.

This is Manovuelta’s first attempt at an Indiegogo fundraising campaign. Please check out and spread the word about the film trailer and the Indiegogo campaign itself to support this project. Thank you so much.

El Enemigo Común

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Documentary film about amazing Indigenous Female Hip Hop Artist from Oaxaca, packed with music videos and an amazing world view from a rarely heard perspective.

Cuando Una Mujer Avanza – (When a Woman Takes a Step Forward)

A documentary film about “Mare” a female hip hop artist from Oaxaca, Mexico. Mare is medicine for the devaluating experiences of many young women of color today. As a young native Zapotec female MC born in Oaxaca City, her unique life experience is a rarely heard perspective on life and community liberation. As an up and coming MC in a state know for popular and indigenous rebellion, Mare’s life and experience has been channeled into very power full and conscious rapping and singing.

The Impact

Manovuelta has contributed to these type of independent community based documentaries for the last 4 years, and together we have developed strategies for touring the films, distributing them, and and ensuring the films directly benefit the community members that the films are about. No matter what happens we will, finish this film, and it will be screened and distributed through our current networks.

What is exciting to us about Indiegogo is reaching a much broader audience, amplifying our distribution network, and developing new strategies to help our films get out there, and truly benefit the community members we work with. Recently we have been depending a lot on University honorariums as our only funding source, however this source is clearly drying up. So Indiegogo is an attempt at seeing if our networks and the Indiegogo network can help continue to push our film projects a little further along together, by giving a lot of different people the ability to support from far away.


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