Land Defense

Portrait of the Last Barricade

November 24th, 2006 – Barucha Calamity Peller writes: Cinco Señores barricade, positioned in front of the university to protect the radio within it and the autonomy of the university, is the last major barricade in Oaxaca City. Some of the most rebellious elements within the APPO have been the students and the barricade defenders at the University Benito Juarez. The barricade is known as the “Barricade of Victory” for the defeat of thousands of federal preventive police by merely a few hundred people who defended the university radio during an attempted eviction on Nov. 2nd.


Clashes With the Police, Barricades Re-erected in Oaxaca

November 20th, 2006 – Barucha Calamity Peller writes: About 5 thousand people marched to the zocalo. There, people got on top of trucks, barricaded the zocalo and began protesting the police. The police lunched teargas, after which began hours of battle. Protesters defended themselves with slings, fireworks, and bazookas, and constructed barricades around the APPO planton in Santo Domingo plaza, just blocks away from where the police were advancing from.

Police used multiple rounds of teargas and concussion grenades. There was at least one protester gravely injured. People cheered as rockets out of bazookas were launched into police lines a block up.


4 dead in Oaxaca as the violent attacks continue

Reports say Brad Will was shot by plain clothes police or paramilitary, violent siege continues, Friday’s deathcount is reported to be rising.

October 27th, 2006 – With continuing violence in Oaxaca City, local people have apparently identified the person responsible for the fatal shooting of Brad Will in Oaxaca City, Mexico, today, after a television station showed video of the incident.

After the footage of the shooting was shown on Televisa, a large Mexican television network, Radio APPO in Oaxaca received four different reports from people who identified the shooter as a plain clothes police or possibly a paramilitary hired by the far right PRI party, and that his name is Pedro Camona, however, it is not confirmed that this is in fact the name of the shooter.