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Víctor Herrera Govea, we never forget, we’re keeping up the fight

by the Free Víctor Herrera Govea Support Committe


Our compañero Víctor Herrera Govea is still unjustly held prisoner since his arrest at the march of October 2, 2009, where he was beaten and accused with the lie of having robbed an OXXO convenience store…


…He’s inside, we’re outside..

We stand against the forgetfulness, the fatigue, the desperation, the uncertainty.

We stand against the permanent violence of the system demanding

that you say you’re sorry and beg for a pardon for fighting and living with dignity…

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Covering their faces, judicial police appear in court to lie about Víctor Herrera Govea

Reclusorio Sur Mexico City

“Judicial police, after beating people up and telling lies and covering things up, how do you explain all this at home when you’re asked: what do you do?”

This question written on a poster is one of many that around twenty demonstrators hurled at the judicial police who covered their faces as they left the courtroom in the prison known as the Reclusorio Sur after appearing to give false testimony in the case of the young political prisoner Víctor Herrera Govea on Thursday, November 19: How does it feel to be a torturer? Did you enjoy putting out your cigarette on our comrade’s face? Do you have a mother? How much do they pay you for torture? How much do you earn for a kidnapping? Don’t you feel sick when you look at yourself in the mirror?

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Ongoing campaign for the freedom of Victor Herrera

¡Presos Politicos Libertad! As part of the ongoing campaign for the freedom of our comrade Victor Herrera and other political prisoners of this fascist state in Mexico, we invite you to the actions listed below.

We would also like to inform you that Victor was transferred to a dormitory. He called us yesterday and he’s staying strong. He sends his greetings to all the comrades who’re concerned about his situation and sends special greetings to everybody from Oaxaca who’s sent their support from that rebellious land. He’s asked us for a show of solidarity in the form of phone cards and cigarettes to help him out economically inside. For further information about this, you can write directly to his family at this address: libertadavictor@gmail.com . International comrades who’ve asked us for a bank account number can also find out about this by writing to the same email address.

Meanwhile, we’re not letting this get us down. We have the firm conviction that our comrade is innocent and we won’t stop until we see him free, struggling here with us outside.

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Support for Victor Herrera

victor To our combative libertarian comrades:

We’d like to share some more information with you about our friend and comrade Victor Herrera. As you know, he’s still being held prisoner in the Reclusorio Sur in Mexico City. His lawyers, along with friends and comrades, have been making a big effort to gather all possible evidence to prove that Victor did not participate in the acts he’s accused of (gang robbery and property damage to the OXXO convenience store). The assault against him is intended to punish all young libertarians and social activists, and we’ve kept up a constant political struggle for his release; yet we want to urge more people to join in so that our shouts for his freedom will be loud and forceful enough to stop the repression against him. We need to reflect on what’s happening and actively show our solidarity with this struggle. Right now it’s for Victor, but next time it could be for any one of us.

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