Film: El Enemigo Común

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“El Enemigo Común” scratches beneath the surface of neoliberalism, at some of the its most hidden atrocities in recent North American history. The film documents instances of paramilitary activity against indigenous communities in Oaxaca, Mexico from 2002 through 2005 while including scenes from an international human rights movement in 2003, in Miami against the Free Trade Area of the America’s, and in Cancun against the World Trade Organization. The three locations in isolation expose the disparity of North American resistances, but together bring us closer to understanding the nature of an emerging common struggle.

Tear gas, rubber bullets, and direct actions set behind the compelling faces and voices of survivors of incomprehensible atrocities expose the extremes of these relevant acts of modern political repression. The film challenges what we already know about paramilitary activity in Mexico, US involvement in said activity, and the current face of resistance against human indignity and injustice in North America today.

Bouncing back and forth from community to community, “el enemigo común” is both an introduction to some of the many ignored resistances in North America, and it is also an urgent call to action for international civil society, to stand in solidarity against state sponsored repression and for human peace, dignity and justice, in Oaxaca, Mexico. The film provides a historical context for the current violent incarnation of capitalism and empire, and provokes action against it as a common enemy.


  1. We want to know when activist Simon Sedillo will be in Southern California to set up a showing of the film and talk about Oaxaca.


  2. Hola, soy reportero y estoy interesado en una imagen que tienen publicada y varios reportajes. Me gustaria que me dieran permiso para publicarlas en mi periodico en Estados Unidos. Somos un periodico pequenio y no contamos con muchos recursos, pero si quieren poner un costo haganmelo saber por favor. Espero su respuesta a la mayor brevedad posible, gracias.

  3. Where can a person get a copy of this film. I’m a teacher in Alaska and I take high school students to Oaxaca every year. I’d like to be able to show them this film before we depart.


  4. Hi folks,

    Would it be possible to bring Simon up to Portland, Oregon to present this film? I’m part of a collective Infoshop at Reed College and we’d love to get y’all up to the northwest.

    (435) 881-7587
    blueheroninfoshop (at)

  5. hello,

    i cant download the trailers, maybe theres a technical problem – just to let you know…

  6. i am an 8th grade student down in Santa Ana
    It would really help for a project i am doing if
    Simon came over here and i could interview

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