¡Ni un paso atrás! Not one step back!

danielsan writes: Seven audio pieces, with translation to english, are attached, all from October 12th. Five are from the CIPO-RFM march, except for two which relate to the opening of a Forum in Oaxaca City.

Saturday, October 14th – The 1er Foro de Solidaridad Nacional e Internacional con el Pueblo de Oaxaca [First Forum on National and International Solidarity with the People of Oaxaca] has just begun at the UNABJO [National Autonamous University of Benito Juarez] in Oaxaca City. Some await the results of the talks in Mexico City, slated to be finished early next week (Monday or Tuesday), others are moving ahead with alternatives methods of education, democracy, and governance with the intention of following through no matter what the Senators say.

Audio and photos on Santa Cruz IMC

A delegation of three senators (one each from the PRI, the PAN, and the PRD) has come and gone, several forums are open with the purpose of opening a greater dialogue into the future of Oaxaca, the ruling PRI party has stated that the people of Oaxaca are perfectly governable and under control and should get back to work, and the PAN has its own worries, trying to legitimate a tenuous election and unsure a smooth transition of power between two rich white business men.

Teachers are still in the Zòcalo all day every day; and in the streets blockading neighborhoods and protecting radio antennae and main entries to the city center.

The truth is, this has already moved beyond a congressional settlement: The methods have been the solutions. Neighborhoods organizing to patrol and protect in place of police, teachers in control of the schools, reclaimed public space, media in the hands of the community, popular control of government… This is a new democracy, a new social organization. There is no turning back, or as the saying (stenciled on every wall, on the lips of every marcher, in the mind of the negotiators) NI UN PASO ATRAS!!

Listen below to hear how the forums are being organized, what a business owner thinks of the marchers, the case against (ex)governor URO, messages to Oaxacans (and everyone else!) living in Oaxacalifornia, and the chants of marchers in the streets.

foro intro y cancion

A large march arrived just as this speaker welcomed various members of the audience, having just marched from a distant district of Oaxaca. The band, Banda Perla, is from San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas.

sx de foro

Laying out the plans for the forum, Sara Morales here explains that three structures will take place: working groups, open forums, & general plenaries.


Leticia is the owner of a small cafe along the march route–she supported the march and hopes her primary customers, teachers and workers, will soon be able to work (as soon as the exgovernor is permanently out of power).


Lucas Perez is a community organizer who spoke on the bullhorn for a good chunk of the march. Here he explains the case against Ulises Ruiz Ortiz.

mensaje a oaxeños

This marcher and her child have a message for Oaxacans living in California.


This marcher, too, has a message for everyone north of the border who is keeping the Oaxacan struggle in mind.


Here is a short compilation of the chants from the CIPO-RFM march. They don`t quite translate, as you might guess, but here´s a simple equivelant of each chant in English, trying to preserve the spirit.

This is a struggle for a popular government of workers and campesinos!

Colonias! (neighborhoods) together! will never be defeated!

ulises, ulises, you just have to go; clap–clap don’t stop clapping; that damned ulises, don’t stop clapping, he’s got to go!

we’ll kick ulises out of oaxaca, (x3); from oaxaca we’re kicking out that guy!

ulises already fell (from power)

if there’s no solution?! then fuck Calderon!

from north to south, east to west, we’ll win this struggle, no matter what it costs!

zapata lives! the struggle continues!!

whether he wants to or not, ulises is going away!

the people united, will never be defeated!

here, and there, the struggle will continue!

source and more photos: https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2006/10/14/18320317.php