Oct 27: Call for Solidarity Actions With the People of Oaxaca!

People of Oaxaca to escalate protests, international solidarity requested

The struggle in Oaxaca, which began in May with a teachers’ strike, for the ousting of Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, the dissolution of state power, and the official formation of a popular assembly continues. It’s been met with severe repression, in the form of harassment, threats, arrests, attacks, and murders. The teachers (as of this writing) continue to refuse to return to classes, and the people of Oaxaca continue the encampments and barricades.

They will do so until the demands are met. It seems likely that the scales will tip soon, given the recent events and decisions. There is the very real possibility that sometime soon, state threats of force to destroy the movement will come to fruition. Despite the repression, despite the Senators’ decision to uphold Ruiz’s authority, and despite the manipulations from the top of the teachers’ union, the people of Oaxaca refuse to let this struggle die and refuse to let the dream of true freedom whither away. They will fight until they win, and many are willing (and expect) to die in the process.

APPO and its member groups are calling for a day of international solidarity this Friday, October 27. Do whatever you can to show your support for the struggle in Oaxaca! The people in Oaxaca are calling for a day of international solidarity actions, in whatever form that may take, that contribute to the global fight for dignity and justice. Raise public awareness in your neighborhood through teach-ins, leafleting, et cetera. Hold solidarity rallies and marches. Demonstrate outside a nearby Mexican consulate (or the embassy itself). Barricade intersections. And tell others about what you are doing so that the Oaxaqueños can know that they are not alone! Anything you can do is desired by people in Oaxaca, who want the struggle in Oaxaca to be known everywhere. Here in Oaxaca, this day will, among other things, mean a full day of guarding the barricades, adding more barricades and reinforcing those already constructed, including those which typically come down for the day. It’s possible that it could be a brutal day, and lead to an increase in the ongoing repression. The people of Oaxaca need your support!

This call is being sent out by anarchist members of Pittsburgh Organizing Group (POG) who are currently in Oaxaca. Information on their activities is available at organizepittsburgh.org