Ulises Ruiz Asesino, State Terrorist in Oaxaca

Ulises Ruiz Ortiz: Asesino in Oaxaca, Mexico

Brad Will, an independent journalist with Indymedia, was gunned down by pro-government paramilitaries on October 27, 2006 in Oaxaca. The website UlisesRuizAsesino.com exists to provide pointers to action you can take to vindicate Brad’s death and everyone else who has been killed fighting against neoliberal corruption in Oaxaca.

Mexican embassies and consulates around the world are hearing our outrage and grief about the deaths in Oaxaca. You may be able to find a protest near you at UlisesRuizAsesino.com or use a listing of Mexican Consulates in the U.S. & Canada to organize a demonstration.

Email more information to bradwillprotests@yahoo.com

Actions in Solidarity with Oaxaca

Chile, Santiago: November 1st 12PM – general meeting, meet outside the Mexican Embassy at Felix de Amesti 128, Las Condes.

Germany, Berlin: November 1st more info

San Francisco, CA: 10/31 5pm – Mexican Consulate more info

Actions that have already happened:

Chile, Santiago: Report received 10/28 — “In the middle of the night, a number of people spray-painted phrases against the Mexican state and the repression in Oaxaca, and remembering brad, and ((i))’s in all the pleaces near the embassy. The embassy was spray-painted and the cars outside were also spray-painted. Two security cameras stolen.”

Brazil, Brasilia: Action taken against Mexican Embassy in Brasilia more info

Tucson, AZ: 10/28 Vigil held at El Tiradito Shrine

New York City, NY: 10/28 7pm Saturday – Vigil for Brad Will and Oaxacan solidarity. Saturday, Oct. 28, 7pm., outside the Mexican Consulate. 27 East 39th Street, at Madison Avenue

New York City, NY: 10/29 5:30pm Sunday – Emergency Assembly for Oaxaca and Brad Will solidarity more info

source: ulisesruizasesino.com