7th Mega March Takes off in Oaxaca

November 25th, 2006 – Barucha Calamity Peller writes: The Seventh Mega March of the APPO has begun with hundreds of thousands marching from Santas Maria Coyotepec, 8 kilometers outside of the capital to the central zocalo of Oaxaca City, which is occupied by the Federal Preventative Police, the PFP. 200 representatives of the directive body of the APPO are marching within a security circle created by others in the march. Upon arriving to the zocalo the marchers will create a circle of thousands of bodies around the zocalo, essentially to enclose the PFP inside. They will then spend 48 hours camped around the zocalo occupying the space around the federal forces.

Some Federal Preventative Police have been seen leaving the zocalo and are going to create roadblocks 80 kilometers and 25 kilometers outside of Oaxaca City, presumably to create an obstacle for the caravans arriving from other parts of the state to participate in the mega march.

The APPO said there were unusual movements of the police yesterday around the zocalo and believe that the police are backed by under-covers and PRI party supporters and will try to provoke violence and confrontations.

To add to this the APPO has said that the two radio show hosts of the PRI party radio, a radio backed by the government, Radio Cuidana are calling for aggressions against the march. Apparently the radio hosts have been heard calling for government supporters to throw hot water and hydrochloric acid on marchers.

The APPO declared that one its spokespeople César Mateos and an APPO member Jorge Sosa were disappeared by police elements at the APPO planton around 8:30 last night.

Despite all this hundreds of thousands of APPO supporters from around the state have converged right now to march to the city of the capital demanding the exit of the federal police from the city as well as the exit of governor Ulises Ruiz from power.

source: https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2006/11/25/18333172.php

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