APPO and PFP battle in Oaxaca After March

Police and APPO protesters fought in central Oaxaca throughout the evening

November 25th, 2006 – John Gibler writes: After a peaceful march of tens of thousands reached Oaxaca’s city center, police and protesters fought in the streets, police firing heavy amounts of tear gas, protesters throwing rocks and shooting bottle rockets through plastic tubes. By nightfall the police had forced the APPO to retreat back from Santo Domingo. Police beat and fired upon protesters. Protesters set fire to cars and buildings.

Photos on NYC IMC

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  1. small report by MM @ 25.Nov.2006 22:08

    Three people death, I hearded the shots at 22.09, although far away; drive-by shooting. PFP house searches. Militaries are comming in now.
    Also reports of armed gangs patrolling the city.
    I had to take cover 5 times in a small room in the hotel from tear gas, while PFP and APPO where exchanging eachother in the streets.
    Surreal; a very few cars enter on their normal Saterday evening; going to the bars. I’m hungry, but the door is double locked. If I leave, I can’t enter till morning, the hotel owener says.


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