Nov. 20th Oaxaca Solidarity Action in Syracuse

Richard Vallejo writes: As you may know, the people of Oaxaca, Mexico have been going through much struggle in recent months, and have been resisting severe repression from the Mexican government. In support of the indigenous people of Oaxaca, of the popular assembly of Oaxaca and in solidarity with all the people of Oaxaca I am helping to organize a protest on November 20. This day, November 20, has been declared a global day of solidarity by the Zapatistas of Chiapas, MX, in support of all of the events surrounding Oaxaca.

For this event we are looking to involve not only the latina/chicana community, but the indigenous community, the muslim community and other groups representing oppressed people. We are all interconnected in a web of struggles, and so we must all struggle together. We also hope to bring in groups and individuals from surrounding areas where there may not be anything going on in solidarity with Oaxaca.

The event will begin at 4:30 pm on Monday, November 20 with statements of solidarity and words of inspiration. At approximately 5:00 we plan to begin marching in downtown Syracuse, with signs, banners, drums and informational flyers to hand out to pedestrians.

If there is not an event going on in your city, we here in Syracuse would love to have you join us here on November 20, and invite others, to send the message that all of us here in central, upstate and western New York support the popular assembly of Oaxaca. If anyone would need a place to sleep after the event we should have places for you to do so for free.

If any of you are feeling extra ambitious (ha) and would like to help make signs for the event, we will be meeting on Thursday, November 16 at 5:00 pm at the Women’s Info Center in Syracuse.

Flyers will be completed soon, and when they are I could provide copies either digitally or printed.

Thank you, and please forward this on to other groups or individuals in your areas that might be interested.