Nov. 20th shutdown of Mexican Consulate in El Paso

La Puenta Negra communiqué: The activist community of El Paso, Texas is pulling together to shutdown the Mexican consulate here on the border. In view of the State Oppression occurring in Oaxaca, in view of the recent massacre perpetrated by the state in Chiapas, Mexico, a federation of Agricultural Workers, Anarchists, and Students from both the local community college and UTEP, from both sides of the border, have banded together to blockade the Mexican consulate.

The consulate is located at 901 E. San Antonio Ave. People planning to attend are asked to begin arriving at 8:30am, if possible, in order to establish a ready presence. Talks and speeches are to be made by individuals who are from Oaxaca, people who have connections to the state, members of the “other party”, and Professor Howard Campbell, an anthropologist/sociologist from UTEP. In addition, we are also asking the directorship of the consulate to defend it’s position to the people (something that is indefensible, as far as we are concerned). Banner drops and hand-billing have been enacted in preparation for this demonstration of solidarity as well as tactics skill shares. Police resistance is expected to be moderate to extreme…in other words: come prepared.

Police intelligence has been minimal, however a banner drop which occurred on I-10 @ Porfirio Diaz was thwarted this past Friday by an Under Cover pig that was driving an unmarked, civilian vehicle looking for speeders on the High Way. The droppers relocated the banners to the University Texas at El Paso’s Student Union for safe keeping. Drops are being planned throughout the weekend. If you know anyone in the area, please alert them and advise them to attend.