Oaxaca City Rebelde: 7th MegaMarch & Aftermath

November 27th, 2006 – danielsan writes: Photos, audio, and a video from November 25th’s 7th MegaMarch and the street battle that followed.

The next morning, the evidence was on the streets: military boots made footprints in pools of blood outside of a University building near Santo Domingo.

The targeted property destruction that marked Saturday night’s battle touched the tourism sector as well as representatives of the government. The sticker on the window reads: ‘Oaxaca is no army base! Army out of Oaxaca!’

mega bus

The 7th MegaMarch made its way from the Casa de Gobierno in Santa Maria Coyotepec outside of the city center, passing the airport and arriving at the PFP lines with the stated intention of surrounding the military for forty-eight hours. Early on APPO leadership and Radio Universidad were concerned with infiltration and provocation within the march.

frida presente!

The street battle started soon after at several of the intersections where PFP set up their own barricades with dumpsters and barbed wire.

Video: Matamoros enfrentamiento

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14.3 MB .mov video (about a minute) of the people confronting a PFP line on Calle Matamoros

APPO mensajero

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An APPO spokesperson encouraging people to stop attacking the PFP and warning people about detentions happening by plainclothes police. APPO leadership declared the protestors to be beyond their control after trying unsuccessfully to fully encircle the PFP.

resolutions fire

APPO had been distributing the results of the Congress held over the 10-12 of November; Saturday night they became fuel for the fires as more direct action-oriented Oaxacans attempted to hold off the PFP street by street, intersection by intersection.


The next morning, the evidence was on the streets: military boots made footprints in pools of blood outside of a University building near Santo Domingo. A handprint nearby suggests this was quite a violent assault. One headline of the daily paper ‘Noticias’ read ‘Washing the Blood Off the Streets’ and was accompanied by a photo of the high powered pressure washers that snaked through Oaxaca City Sunday morning, along with lots of work crews who removed all evidence of what happened Saturday night,…
except for the still-lingering smell of teargas.

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The offices of the Association of Hotels and Motels were burned Saturday night, along with many other buildings related to the state government, big business, tourism, a grocery store chain with ties to ex governor Murat (Pítico), and others. Fires also engulfed the offices of oft-visible APPO member Flavio Sosa, the Servicio de Administración Tributaria, and others in what appear to be fires set by PRIista loyalists.

source and more photos: https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2006/11/27/18333705.php

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  1. An Affront to the People of Oaxaca
    A Chronicle of the Battle of November 25

    By Nancy Davies
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