Press Conference, Vigil and “El Enemigo Común” in Greensboro

Coinciding with the anniversary of the Mexican Revolution of 1910, the Zapatista Army of National Liberation has called for a general strike throughout Mexico, and for international displays of solidarity on November 20th. In response to this call, several events have been planned in Greensboro for the day of Monday, Nov. 20th.

The Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca (APPO), comprised of hundreds of social organizations, including the Teachers Union 22, has been occupying the city of Oaxaca for months, The Teachers Union and APPO have held the city demanding the resignation of Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, who has kidnapped, disappeared, tortured, and killed many Oaxacans during his disputed term in office. On October 29, five individuals participating in or observing the resistance in Oaxaca, including Brad Will, a US Indymedia journalist, were murdered by government affiliated paramilitaries. Mexican president Vincente Fox has since used the death of an N. American journalist to justify bringing in thousands of federal military troops to overtake the city. In the meantime, APPO has been formalizing and instigating a directly-democratic, autonomous system of self-governance. The Mexican federal forces may have invaded but the APPO still controls the heart of the city and the spirit of the people is still strong.

So, join us as you are able…

Ongoing throughout the day ::

*Visit us at our Learn-In. Join us as we visit Oaxaca via the web! Read relevant literature! Learn more about what’s happening! Listen! Discuss! :: Corner of W. Market & Eugene St.

4:00 – 4:30 ::
*Press Conference to highlight the events in Oaxaca, MX and to show our full support of the demands presented by the APPO :: Corner of W. Market & Eugene St.

4:30 – 5:30 ::
*Join up with the weekly peace vigil & help us find Gov. Ruiz and the US Gov’t guilty in our mock trial :: Corner of W. Friendly Ave. & Eugene St.

5:30 – 6:30 ::
*Candlelight vigil to remember those that have passed away and those that continue to fight for justice in Oaxaca, MX :: Corner of W.Friendly Ave. & Eugene St.

7:00 ::
*Film screening of “El Enemigo Común” and discussion of its connection to the current popular uprising and formation of the APPO in Oaxaca :: Green Bean, 341 S. Elm St.