Radio APPO Under Heavy Attack!

November 2nd, 2006 – The Mexican government forces are currently attacking APPO supporters in the University Buildings in Oaxaca. Live reporting on the APPO radiostream (ES), with live transcription in English (page refreshes every 20 seconds).

Links: Mexico IMC (Es) | CML Mexico (Es) | Radio APPO (Es) and transliteration (En)

11:20 3 Helicopters have landed near by Radio Universidad Oaxaca.

11:15 Radio Universidad in Oaxaca is calling to NOT confront the PFP- “We are confronting the PFP, but we do not want more deaths”

11:08 Medical help is being asked for. There are many wounded- the PFP are shooting tear-gas canisters shooting directly at peoples bodies. This was the same way the PFP shot and killed, using a “non-lethal” weapon, a university student in San Salvador de Atenco, according to reports by the National Commission on Human Rights and many other national and international human rights organizations. Its being reported the Red Cross is on the side of the PFP and isn’t …

11:07 People are being asked to continue ringing there alarm bells and car alarms in protest to the police attacks.

11:06 Tear-gas still being launched at the U of Oaxaca – Reports coming in that university people are defending and pushing back the advance of the PFP at the entrance of the Science Education Institute. Over the radio people calling in by telephone can be heard screaming and coughing due to the tear-gas in the air.

11:03 A helicopter is flying/hovering over the University Radio of Oaxaca.

10:57 Two truck loads of assailants are roving around the city streets detaining and taking people coming to help the University Radio. Tear-gas is still being shot at the entrance of the University of Oaxaca.

10:55 Reposts on the University Radio of Oaxaca – peole are calling in with report of police shooting tear-gas. A helicopter has landed at the Five Scores and at the admin building of the University of Oaxaca

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  1. 11:23 Shots are still being heard. Tear-gas bombs are being dropped onto Radio Universidad. People are bring asked to form a human barrier. There is a bombardment of tear-gas and there are more wounded by tear-gas shots. They are violating the autonomy of the university of Oaxaca. Helicopters can be heard above in the air. The PFP are entering the University with tanks moving toward Radio Universidad. The PFP are marching toward Radio University.

    11:28 PFP tanks are at the admin building of the U of Oaxaca.

    11:31 A heicopter has landed at the Faculty of Ontology in the U of Oaxaca

    11:32 The PFP is shooting tear-gas from their helicopters at unarmed peaceful protester. Just like in Atenco, there have been many shots that have been taken with tear-gas guns- shoting to kill.

    11:36 Near the Oaxacan Technological Institute (AFI), 20 Federal Investigation Agency trucks are advancing.



    People resist a huge attack by federal forces, the situation is critical

    By Radio Zapote

    This day a violent attack is about to make the University and its radio fall under government forces.

    November 2nd, 2006, Oaxaca, Mèxico

    During the whole morning, Radio Universidad, has been under attack from the Federal Police (PFP). Barricades have been falling one after another by this repressive force. Many have been injured and others have been detained. Reports are coming in constantly of how police have been using tear gas, many have been injured and detained. The announcer at Radio Universidad keeps calling for calm and to resist in a pacific way.

    Thousands of police corps are closing in. Helicopters have been removing people detained by police. Helicopters are throwing gas grenades. Incoming calls to the station are from desperate people reporting from the front lines. Riot tanks are reportedly being used in this offensive. Many of these reports have been confirmed by Indymedia reporters on the site. Right now gas is falling on the radio station thrown from helicopters.

    Sports installations have already fallen under the control of police, which violates the University’s autonomy. Riot tanks are already breaking in. Police are placing fire arms inside the University for making false accusations.

    If this radio falls, the movement will be hit in the most important strategic point, and information flow from Oaxaca will be cut off.

    The call in the city is to reinforce Ciudad Uiversitaria. For the outside the call is for mobilizing and to protest.


  3. November 1st, 2006

    AUDIO-Radio Universidad pide apoyo 21:39 hrs

    Radio Universidad está pidiendo apoyo para reforzar las barricadas que defienden la radiodifusora. 21:36 horas.

    audio: MP3 at 302.1 kibibytes

    Radio Universidad informa que aviones de reconocimiento están sobrevolando sus instalaciones y que la Policía Federal Preventiva (PFP) han quitado la barricada que resguardaba la Secretaría de Finanzas y que se dirigen para Avenida Universidad.

    Ante esto los locutores están llamando a reforzar las barricadas de Avenida Universidad y del Cruce de 5 Señores.


  4. November 1st, 2006

    it’s gonna be an intense night. we just found this out that they’re gonna come at us ….

    Please forward widely

    Priistas are planning to remove CIPO out of the neighborhood by force!

    This part of Santa Lucia is enemy territory. It is near Barricade Three, the Príista attack of last Friday, and the site of Brad Will’s murder.
    It’s also where the CIPO house is located. When the Príistas first set up their barricades, some were directly in front of the CIPO house, one using materials that had been propped up against the outside wall. Now, less than a week after Brad Will’s murder, some of the same Príistas have agreed to “dislodge” CIPO from the neighborhood. If history, recent and distant, teaches us anything, their method will be violence. It is important that they know that acts of violence will not go unseen, even in
    this small neighborhood that they control. Please contact some or all of those listed below; tell them that if CIPO is attacked, that the Mexican state is responsible. And please also keep this in mind as solidarity actions are planned and carried out.

    Contact the State Commission on Human Rights in Oaxaca at:
    Central Oaxaca
    011 52 (951) 513 51 85
    011 52 (951) 513 51 91
    011 52 (951) 513 51 97

    la Red Oaxaqueña de Derechos Humanos
    Tel. 011 52 (951) 5141634
    rodhmx (at)

    Vicente Fox Quesada
    Presidente de la Republica
    Residencia Oficial de los Pinos Casa Miguel Aleman
    Col. San Miguel Chapultepec, C.P. 11850
    Distrito Federal, Mexico
    Telephone: 011 52 (55) 52772376
    Fax: 011 52 (55) 527 723 376
    E-mail directory at:

    Contact Nearest Mexican Consulate
    Directory at:

  5. 13:29 On the second floor of the vetenary building, the security commission (APPO) have identified and removed a reporter from channel 40 that was recording the meeting without permission, recording details of their plans, a practice that is widely used by police in mainstream media channels.

    13:28 The tanks that had retreated, had only gone to re-fill their barrels with water (for their water-cannons)- and are now returning to repress the peaceful protesters.

    13:25 The Secretary of the Federal Government makes a call to APPO so that the PFP may retreat. The facts are that the Secretary of Government made public announcement two days ago stating “In the name of God, there will not be repression in Oaxaca” Days later there are deaths, hundreds of wounded, an unaccounted number of detained, and dozens of people that have “disappeared”. In this sense the state of Oaxaca is under military law and the civil society is being attacked military personnel.

    13:23 A truck-load of police in the Amor Park are heading to the University.

    13: 11 Reporters at the Radio Universidad in Oaxaca have picked up bullet casings that belonged to the PFP that have fallen. They are 7.62 caliber casings.

    13:05 At a commercial radio, Ardelio Vargas Fosado, general of the PFP, who commanded the masscre in Atneco, continues saying that the PFP will not enter into Radio Univerisdad in the U of Oaxaca, despite all the events that have happened that we are becoming aware of.

    13:04 At “Five Señores” tear-gas bombs are being shot at people’s homes.

    12:57 Judicial state police have just entered by way of the administration building.

    12:51 Judicial state police have have entered into Radio University of Oaxaca

    12:50 Besides that the authorities are saying that the PFP has drawn back- what is for certain is that they are still coming into the university- by way of Rio Salado road, in the back of the university of Oaxaca. The PFP are re-grouping to confront the people of APPO that have come in solidarity that have come in this direction. The AFI has entered and have passed the admin and accounting buildings

    12:48 Planton Radio announces that the radio transmission will restart at 92.7 FM and at

    12:47 Two girls have been taken by helicopter. In the Noria Hotel have been detained.

    12:28 It been confirmed that the reporter of the Free Media Network from Mexico City- who has his arm broken and head bleeding is free and has not been arrested.

    12:14 There have detained a reporter from Radio Libre from the Network for Free Media (Rad de medios Libres) from DF (Mexico City): Mario
    Mosqueda- he has his arm broken and his headed bashed in bleeding.

    12:12 At the Chedruai (shopping store/mall) the PFP has surrounded a group of reporters and had gassed them with a red gas. There are various wounded. The PFP are starting fights.

    11:58 In the plaza del valle, on one side of the soriana the PFP is kicking in the doors of the entrance of the university.

    11:48 journalist in the zone report that the federal preventive police are readying weapons. meaning that they are introducing guns and later before the mass meida they will say that the guns were in possesion of the APPO. Attention, the PFP is introducing arms into the university of Oaxaca.

    11:47 The hunger strikers, members of APPO and people in solidarity, indefinatly block Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas Avenue in the center of mexico City, until there is a solution in Oaxaca.

    11:46 in the places where the PFP retreated some meters back independent media found AK47 7.62 shells. There is a military marine helicopter and a tank in the doors of the university center of Oaxaca. There are people in two lines on both sides of the line of PFP.

    11:43 Three thousand members of the Federal preventive Police arrive in the oaxaca airport , to “heroicly” assault a university radio: Radio Universidad Autónoma Benito Juárez de Oaxaca.

    11:42 It is confirmed that a helicopter landed in the sports arena of the universidad. The Five Men in a RAM truck took away a protester. the helicopter landed in the same place.

    11:37 Mario Trinidad Michel López has been detained. The tanks attacked the people in the administration building. The tanks are washing people with water and phosphorescent ink that lasts 40 hours.

  6. Confirmed Injured: 15 men and 9 Women Injured in between 19 and 78 years old in one safe space in oaxaca. Hospitals are refusing to admit the injured and red cross is not respoding to calls. Out of the people in this one safe space there is at least one person in grave condition.

    Oaxacans push federal police out of university barricades, possibly one APPO member dead, many injured

    translations by calamity and Guerrero -CML

    17:48 A report from Oaxaca states that thousands of people arriving at the University of Oaxaca, coming in solidaity with blanket and food, yelling “We’re are not APPO, we are the people of Oaxaca. There is a long tradition in Oaxaca called tequio: which means to say mutal
    support, collectiveness, and community, which is done for the common good. The is a massive tequio that is on its way to the University of

    17:43 8 people that have been detained today have been taken to Amor park and then taken by helicopters PF302 and PF305 and taken to the
    woman’s jail of Tlacolula.

    17:32 Squads of PFP are arresting people in Amor park and in surrounding areas and taking them away in helicopters.

    17:20 4 helicopters land at the Amor park.

    17:13 Police helicopters are making low sweeps in the city center of Oaxaca.

    17:11 There are 4 people reported to be detained in Amor park and taken away by helicopter.

    17:08 The PFP that were in the Amor park in Oaxaca is headed toward the center of the city. There are about 15 trucks.

    17:07 Mario Trinidad Michel López is reported missing today in Oaxaca.

    17:05 Teodoro Aquino Bolaños, a volunteer medic who served at the free first-aid clinics is reported missing. He belongs to the 35th sector of health of Oaxaca

    17:03 Eduardo Hernández Mendoza, 22, is being reported missing. He had left is home for groceries at the Candiani market. He was kidnapped by PFP agents and taken away by helicopter.

    16:53 The commanders of the Zapatista Army for National Liberation Zebedeo, Grabiela, and Miriam have given a announcement on the recent
    events of repression in Oaxaca, at the Homiciclo de Juarez in Mexico City.

    16:52 An extraordinary assembly of APPO is being announced at 5 o’clock in Oaxaca.

    16:42 A report from Radio Universidad of Oaxaca indicates that two paramilitary thugs Luis Morales López and Mario Feria Ortega of the
    neighborhood 25 de Enero in Oaxaca as of a half hour ago were recruiting were organizing people to carry-out and attack on Radio Universidad of Oaxaca. One of them lives in the same neighborhood on Hidalgo road, house 109.

    16:28 People denouce the disappearance of Mr. Victor Cruz Garcia, 39 years of age, that was taken by the police squad car 080987- and the
    same for two others detain/disappeared in the cars 0291 and 08987 of the PFP.

    16:27 On the highway to Puebla a convoy of PFP trucks and cars advance toward Oaxaca.

    16:21 a PRIista leader from Oaxaca says to be in support of Ulisies Ruiz and that if the PFP doesn’t arrest APPO members that they would do
    it themselves and that they are not in agreement that the Secretary of Government negotiates with “subversives” (this message was off of their PRIista declaration read over Radio KeHuelga- time of declaration unknown)

    16:17 The newspaper the Universal “After the confrontations with the PFP, it has been reported that a member APPO had died after being hit by a tear-gas grenade.

    16:12 Wounded people are being arrested at the Oaxacan Social Security Institute of Mexico as they come in.

    16:09 On Radio Universidad a citizen of Oaxaca describes how she saw yesterday the PFP police chasing a man yelling after him “Kill him”
    Kill him” and how when they caught up they arrested him and beat him dragging him away.

    15:52 García Martínez of the Five Señores barrios who stepped out in his slippers to buy tortillas at the same time the PFP operative
    started against the University of Oaxaca, has been reported missing for 10 hours- he is over 60 years old.

    15:49 A commercial radio reports a blockade in solidarity with Oaxaca in Mexico City, on Juarez Avenue in front of Himiciclo (Arc) of Juarez
    on the central avenue.

    15:46 Javier Moreno Colmenares is reported to be missing.

    15:42 Fernando Ruiz Santos is reported to be missing.

    15:41 15 men and 9 women between the ages of 19 and 78 are reported to be injured, one of the in critical condition. The public hospitals have
    refused to treat wounded and they have been brought to volunteer first-aid bases that are run by solidarity medic personnel.

    15:39 Two Indymedia Gutemala reporters are missing and feared to be disappeared.

    15:36 The protest in front of the PFP on Reforma Avenue on the corner of Varsovia, a meeting is being wrapped up and the march is continuing
    on to the Himiciclo de Juarez (Arc of Juarez)

    15:31 Radio Ke huelga reports a blockade on Access 5 highway in mexico City in support of the people of oaxaca and APPO

    15:21 Radio university in Oaxaca announces that during the PFP retreat there were reports of provocations in the Sit in zone, and that it is
    feared that in the following hours there will be attacks by judical state police and paramilitary PRI groups just as has happened in the past months.

    15:16 The commericial radio reports that there was a confrontation for the third time with the police on the corner of Eje Central and juarez
    en the center of mexico City

    15:15 its reported that the Federal Preventice Police are heading towards the Aocalo, central plaza, of oaxaca

    15:14 The Fine Arts Palace of Mexico City is surrounded by riot police. Surrounding there have been strong protests in support of the people of oaxaca.

    15:07 It is reported that Isabel Galindo Aguila, Amado Aguilar, Hector Guzman, of the faculty of politcial cientas of the university UNAM have
    been detained at 13:00.

    15:05 The helicopters cover the retreat of the PFP at Cinco Senores barricade in oaxaca

    15:03 The march in Mexico City has arrived to Angel de La independencia, where there are PFP offices

    14:57 helicopters continue circuling around the university zone of oaxaca

    14:56 The march arrives to help support the barricade at the Five Señores just outside the University of Oaxaca.

    14:55 The APPO march in the center of Oaxaca is heading toward the University of Oaxaca.

    14:54 A reporter has been injured at the Radio Planton in Oaxaca, apparently by being hit by a tear-gas grenade

    14:48 the PFP retreats from the Five Señores intersection.

    14:30 A commercial radio is reporting a confrontation on Hidalgo Avenue in Mexico City, in one of the blockades on the Central Axis (main avenue in the city) Another blockade in Mexico City on Juarez in the center of the city. The march continues advancing toward the PFP

    14:28 The severely injured, with cranial-encephalic trauma, who we are pleading for urgently for an ambulance from the Red Cross
    International, is named Angel Santos Gallegos. It’s been hours since we’ve made this call to the International Red Cross and still no ambulance.

    14:21 There is a report of a tank burning.

    14:20 A reporter from Channel 40 was returned and not kidnapped.

    14:19 The Patrol 09035 is making its way around the center of Oaxaca with detained people

    14:17 In the Ferrocarril Avenue and 5 señores in Oaxaca the PFP is throwing gas

    13:56 A report that photographe David Jaramillo, from the commercial news agency “Universal” is wounded and is being taken to the 4th military region hospital by PFP helicopter – number PF318. He is in stable condition.

    13:55 Another person detained is being reported at the Five Señores intersection-happened two hours ago.

    13:53 A called has been made to the International Red Cross to come to the help of a person wounded with a encephalic-cranial trauma, who is at the University of Oaxaca.

    13:51 The University director announces that he is putting himself in front of the University entrance.

    13:48 The blockade at the central axis Lazaro Cardenas (main avenue in Mexico City) has ended- demostrators are now moving toward the Secretary of the Federal Government building.

    13:47 Judicial state police, dressed in grey, entered into the Institute of Communication Sciences of the university of Oaxaca

    13:46 Another person detained at the Noria Avenue at the entrance to the Five Señores intersection

    13:41 Felix Jiménez Fabián a carpenter’s assistant, was detained and was visibly beaten. 2 helicopters are dropping tear-gas, trying to take out the Radio Universidad antenna. There is a house on fire set by the police attacks. David Jarramillo, photographer from the Universal, was
    wounded, in the police attacks.

    13:38 A dramatic report from a woman on the Radio Universidad in Oaxaca, who explains how the judicial state police (Policia ministariales) attacked people in the streets- the helicopters flying above dropping tear-gas bombs. Two helicopters are dropping concution


    In these moments, the Federal Police (PFP) are trying to enter Ciudad Universitaria (the university facilities in Oaxaca), they have launched tear gas inside and some elements have entered the premesis. Before these facts which violate any judicial orders including University Autonomy, which the Autonomous University Benito Juárez, in Oaxaca, won after a great student struggle, and which cost the lives of many of their best students.

    The Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca makes the energetic call for the absolute defense of Ciudad Universitaria. We cannot permit that these university students be assaulted by the forces of occupation that the despots of the PFP have become.

    We call the people of Oaxaca to the absolute defense of Ciudad Universitaria, en past days we have called for the peaceful withdrawal from the points where the APPO were established, and we did that to demonstrate the APPO’s disposition towards dialogue in this conflict, despite the fact that the government of Fox and Calderón, evidenced by the invasion of federal troops, was not. We showed ourselves to be prudent, willing to dialogue, the invading forces were not assaulted, and we only called for peaceful resistance; all of our actions were carried our in an orderly and peaceful manner, we ordered withdrawal so as not to fall into provocations, we called for people not to fall into confrontations with the PFP despite their aggressions. But as imperialist lackeys, you, Fox and Calderón, confuse prudence with weakness, peacefulness with cowardice, and thinking that the people of Oaxaca are a cowardly people, you are trying to put an end to them.

    We give, then, the instructions to all the people of Oaxaca to advance in an organized and determined manner towards Radio Universidad, and to defend at all costs Ciudad Universitaria, and the University Autonomy that is being trampled upon.

    The people of Oaxaca are a valiant people, and this we have demonstrated in these 5 months, we have demonstrated it throughout history, we defeated the French Army during that occupation, despite our technological disadvantages, and even then some stateless people collaborated with them, and history has judged them; the same people that in those times collaborated and applauded the intervention of the French Army are today applauding the death of 19 of our compañeros, applauded the intervention of the PFP, are now complaining that their businesses have been looted by the PFP, lament that their daughters are being sexually threatened by the PFP, and this is just the beginning.

    Just as President Juárez showed us how to defend the principles of the Republic, just as Juárez and Magón showed us how to fight and to defend the dignity of the people, today, the people of Oaxaca will go to battle in defense of Ciudad Universitaria, in a disciplined and organized manner, we will defeat the invaders, the army of occupation, and if Fox doesn’t order a stop to this offensive, he will bite the dust, our lives and our blood will not be spilled in vane, justice and reason are on our side, and we are hundreds of thousands of Oaxacans that will fight on this day.

    Sirs, Vicente Fox, Carlos Abascal Carranza and Felipe Calderón, you all are responsible for the deaths at the hands of the PFP and the PRIista paramilitaries, and you all will be responsible for the deaths that results from your stupidity and political interests.




  8. short minute to minute from oaxaca this morning (November 3rd, 2006)…shots fired at Radio Universidad 7am

    11:07 On Radio Universidad someone says “the Preventive Federal Police are also victim of a bad government”.

    8:51 El Universal newspaper reports that there is a APPO demonstration in Mexico City in front of the offices of the National Commision of Human Rights.

    6:51 A white van with blacked out windows shot at Radio Universidad in Oaxaca with AK’47s.

    5:38 From a heroic University Autotonima Benito Juarez of Oaxaca, the oaxacan people transmit their voice to the world, and the world listens….

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