Repression Continues in Oaxaca: Illegal Detentions and Torture

November 24th, 2006 – CMI Chiapas writes: In a press conference given today by the APPO at 2pm at the encampment in Santo Domingo, spokespersons affirmed that they will continue implementing the plan of action as agreed upon with the Seventh MegaMarch which will leave from the Casa del Gobierno en Santa María Coyotepec tomorow, November 25th, and 10am, heading towards the zócalo to surround the PFP and reiterate their principle demands. Additionlly, they made known the testimony of a neighbor of the ‘5 Señores’ barricade, who was witness to an attack on said barricade by thugs and paramilitaries that left 2 compañeros kidnapped and detained. These two cases of torture are not isolated however, as Lic. Yésica Sánchez Maya, president of the Mexican League of Human Rights Defense (LIMEDDH), made known in another press conference regarding the torture of Eliud Amni Martínez Sánchez, who had also been tortured and is currently being detained.


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