APPO communiqué: Flavio Sosa’s arrest and the state’s systematic cleansing of the social movement

December 4th, 2006 – At about 19:30 today, two APPO councillors from the Roma Neighborhood were arrested. These are our compañero Flavio Sosa Villavicencio, one of the most visible councillors of the APPO and compañero Marcelino Coache. Both were in Mexico City, organizing solidarity actions with the people of Oaxaca. They where arrested together with Flavio’s brothers, Horacio and Ignacio Sosa Villavicencio.

They were arrested by the PFP when they were leaving a press conference held in the Social Communication Centre (CENCOS), where the APPO members had denounced the state of emergency in Oaxaca. Repression has spread towards the families of the APPO councillors, in the case of Flavio, another of his brothers Erick was arrested and moved to the high security prison in Tamaulipas.

These are the acts of persecution that the false government of Felipe Calderón unleashes against a social movement with legitimate demands. the first action of Felipe Calderón’s government is the criminalization of the social struggle.

We call to the Peoples of Mexico, and the world, to hold actions at once in solidarity with APPO. We know that now the total extermination of this social movement from the south of mexico is a priority for both federal and national governments. A movement that has showed the world that unity is possible. We demand the immediate freedom of all of our political prisoners.



  1. Flavio is one of the most high profile leaders of the APPO and he was in Mexico City specifically to avoid capture by authorities in Oaxaca and to attend the first meeting between APPO and Felipe Calderon´s Government, scheduled for today. He was arrested moments after leaving a press conference where he informed press about the tentative meeting to define how to re-start the peace negotiations.


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