Successful Boycott of Government Guelaguetza Despite Repression

Ruiz’s protested government is forced to pay state workers to fill Guelaguetza auditorium; tens of thousands march in Oaxaca City despite recent repression

July 30th, 2007 – Barucha Calamity Peller writes: Today, on the 30th of July tens of thousands of people from the APPO (Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca) and the 22 section of the teacher’s union along with sympathizers participated in a protest against — and demand a popular boycott of — the official Guelaguetza festival. This festival has been the subject of conflict since the uprising in Oaxaca began last year. The Guelaguetza is a dance and cultural festival meant to reflect the traditions of the diverse indigenous population in the state of Oaxaca. However, the government of Ulises Ruiz, the governor ousted by popular demand but who refuses to step down, co-opted the festival as a tourist attraction heavily sponsored by multi-national corporations.

The protest, which began from the outskirts of the city, circled around Cerro de Fortin, where the government of Ulises Ruiz held the official Guelaguetza, although the state government had to pay state workers and others in order to fill the Guelaguetza stadium in face of the successful boycott.

The APPO had planned to block the official Guelaguetza but in face of repression two weeks ago decided to march instead.

On Monday, July 16th, 2007, the APPO realized a popular Guelaguetza in the Zocalo in protest of the government Guelaguetza. That day the APPO also went in a march of 10, 000 people to the site of the official Guelaguetza, the auditorium in the Cerro Fortin to protest the use of the auditorium for non-popular purposes. The march was immediately attacked by state and federal police, resulting in one participant in a coma, an unconfirmed death, several disappearances, over 60 people arrested who later reported torture and sexual abuse inside the jails, and dozens of injuries.

Last year the Guelaguetza auditorium was attacked by the APPO and the Guelaguetza stage was burned.

Tensions remain high in Oaxaca with the upcoming state elections on August 5th, where many people fear the PRI party of Ulises Ruiz will commit fraud in order to secure power over the PRD party.

Activists in Oaxaca remain under the threat of selective repression, some report being chased through the streets by unmarked pickup trucks.

protesters tore down advertisements for the official Guelaguetza

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30 de julio de 2007 – via ¡OAXACA EN PIE DE LUCHA!

Una megamarcha más sale a las calles para demostrar que en oaxaca el conflicto sigue vivo.

El pueblo esta harto del gobierno estatal por todas las atrocidades que cometen cada dia.

Ezequiel salio del Zócalo Capitalino entre abucheos y gritos de “traidor, traidor” de simpatizantes de la appo y del magisterio.

La CNTE confirma el apoyo a la lucha del heroico pueblo de Oaxaca.

Jorge Luis Martínez liberado por el gobierno tras no poder encontrar ni una sola prueba en su contra.

El reencuentro entre Julio Alberto y su madre despues de 15 dias de estar preso por delitos que cometieron los mismos policias.

No es novedad que el PRI traiga acarreados de los estados vecinos a sus eventos, ante la falta de apoyo en la entidad. (este autobus es de veracruz)

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  1. Cultural events of resistance continue..
    by Rattytatt

    July 28th, All day event of music, dancing, marching, more.
    Written July 29th.
    July 28th, Oaxaca City.

    Starting in the sunny early-mid day hours amidst the Guelaguetza commercial tourism, an open space was created to express resistance.

    Speakers from the VOCAL (Voces Oaxaquenas Construyendo Autonomia y Libertad -Oaxacan Voices Building Autonomy & Freedom) and other local Oaxacan people began by explaining the struggles in Oaxaca and the situation of their companerxs in jail now.They also spoke of why they are in resistance to the commercial Guelaguetza (a traditional Indigenous celebration, co-opted by the tourism industry), and the brutality that took place recently on July 16th (for more info..

    Next were performances of children dancing on stilts, music by La Otra Guitarra ( the Other Guitar), as well as a ska-punk band, and some hip hop (which I unfortunately missed)

    Then a a crowd gathered, chanting and marching through the streets…¡Libertad, Libertad, Presos Politicos Libertad! I was struck by how large and I’m assuming somewhat spontaneous the march was, when sometimes its like pulling teeth for a march so big and passionate to be organized in the U.S.A…but anyways, point is, the day was beautiful

    Incredible public art installations were made, on cardboard, banners, and buildings.At the APPO structure there was a band and photography documenting the attack on the Guelaguetza Popular.

    And the nighttime, a curtain of heavy rain over a nearly full moon..Many people huddled under the VOCAL structure for a video documenting the recent history of struggles in Oaxaca, going back to the barricades and free radio in the fall-time. Then more poetic speeches by VOCAL. After this full day my mind was absorbed in thoughts of the strength and perseverance of the people here.

    Las cosas no pueden regresar a la normalidad, hasta que las cosas cambian, ¡no mas presxs politicxs! – VOCAL flyer..Things cant return to normal, until things change, no more political prisoners!

    And photos..


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