Urgent Call to Support David Venegas!

July 7th, 2007 – NODHO writes:

To all honest and dignified people in the world
To the national and international civil society
To the news media
To those who feel injured by the wounds of Oaxaca

On June 12, David Venegas Reyes was granted a protective writ on the following basis:

“….The Department of Justice shields and protects DAVID VENEGAS REYES against the action taken by the lower court judge of the Judicial District of Tlacolula, Oaxaca, consisting of a pre-trial detention order issued on April 21, 2007, case number 157/2006, for the crimes of sedition, criminal conspiracy, and arson.”

David Venegas should already be out of the Ixcotel prison; he is still behind bars, however, due to an authoritarian decision that is not only an injustice and aggression against the people of Oaxaca and all honest, dignified people, but also a totally illegal measure. Ulises Ruiz and his accomplices want to hold him for two more months with no reasons given and no basis for doing so. Why? What for? What right do they have?

We call on all of you to show your support for David any way you can on Monday, July 16, at Mexico’s embassies and consulates, at the offices of the state of Oaxaca throughout Mexico, or in Oaxaca. This is the date that the people of Oaxaca canceled the official Guelaguetza in 2006, the day that Ulises Ruiz wants to reinstate his Guelaguetza with the people behind bars. Let Ulises Ruiz celebrate his Guelaguetza behind the same bars that he uses to try to break David Venegas and the people of Oaxaca.


  • Deliver a statement of support to Mexico’s embassies or consulates in your country or to Oaxaca’s government offices in your state.
  • Send a statement or letter of support to vocal@riseup.net, with a copy to comunicacion@nodho.org
  • Demonstrate publicly in any way you see fit.

For David
For Oaxaca
For Freedom

Nodo de Derechos Humanos