Urgent! Repression in Oaxaca

November 2, 2007 – Virikota writes: On November 2, 2007, approximately 50 people gathered at the Cinco Señores intersection for a politico-cultural activity to remember the “All Saints Battle” of last year, when hundreds of Oaxacans organized to stop the entry of the Federal Preventive Police (PFP) into the Benito Juárez Autonomous University.

At about 7:45 am today, people were beginning to organize today’s activity when a group of heavily armed police arrived in two Lobo trucks and one Nissan. They came in street clothes, bearing arms.

By threatening and pointing their guns at the compañerxs, the police were able to disperse the demonstration. They herded people onto their trucks and managed to arrest approximately 20 compañerxs. As of this time, we don’t know where they are. Others have taken refuge in homes, schools, or other secure sites in view of police threats to arrest them if they are seen on the streets.

The Cinco Señores intersection is now being guarded by more than 300 police, including ministerial, judicial and municipal agents. In the surrounding streets there is a heavy “search and stop” operation, with the arbitrary arrests of all people that the police consider suspicious, especially young people dressed in black or carrying backpacks, or any other “suspicious” people according to their profile.

We demand an end to the repression!!!!!

We demand the live presentation of our compañerxs!!!!!
We demand our right to demonstrate freely!!!!!

Please send this out to all your contacts.

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