Stop “Plan Mexico”! Public Service Announcement Video

January 29th, 2008 Friends of Brad Will write: Plan Mexico was hatched by Presidents Bush and Calderon without any consultation from the US or Mexican congresses.

Officially known as the Merida Initiative, Plan Mexico, is immediately likened to the failures and violence of Plan Colombia that has led to an increase in human rights violations and cocaine production.

Stopping Plan Mexico has been named by the Center for International Policy as one of the top three challenges to protect attempts to build more just and peaceful societies in Latin America.

The United Steelworkers came out against it in November and issued a statement demanding public hearings about it after police crackdowns on miners in Mexico.

Plan Mexico would provide $1.5 billion in US Taxpayer monies and equipment to the Mexican military, police, and intelligence services.
Stop “Plan Mexico”! Public Service Announcement:

None of the aid contemplated in this first package of a proposed 3 year deal goes where it’s most needed: addiction prevention and rehabilitation in America, and local development financing in Mexico.

Sending equipment to the Mexican police and military in the context of prosecuted human rights violations encourages impunity.

Is this what Americans want our government to do with our tax money?

Increased surveillance, secret police and paramilitary activities endangers the civil liberties of the general population at risk, especially activists, union leaders, indigenous peoples.

The invasion by U.S. military companies such as Blackwater, and direct U.S. involvement in Mexican military would lead to a client state relationship that compromises Mexican national sovereignty and would lead to increased U.S. interventionist and even imperial foreign policy.

This “security” initiative is proposed in the context of opening up the Mexican economy to further privatization and exploitation by multinational corporations.

Plan Mexico, emphasizes interdiction and as such expands the failed drug war in Colombia. Yet, a study conducted by the conservative RAND Drug Policy Research Center for the U.S. Army… found that treatment is 10 times more cost effective than interdiction…”.

Plan Mexico imagines anti-terrorist measures to confront an international threat that does not exist in Mexico, and would reinterpret migration as organized crime.

Mexico needs and deserves U.S. support, in the form of fair trade agreements which prioritize labor, indigenous and other human rights & environmental protections; Instead our government sends jobs oversees where Mexican workers and farmers rights are abused under rapacious free trade that reduces wages and decimates the environment. The proposal to expand militarization of Mexican society is a step in the wrong direction.

Plan Mexico is a dangerous ploy by the Bush administration to intervene in the affairs of Mexico for decades to come, while ignoring the need to create good paying jobs at home.

Tell Congress to Stop Plan Mexico.
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    A través de negociaciones secretas la administración de Bush y el presidente de México Felipe Calderón han acordado expandir su fracasada “guerra contra las drogas” en el vecino país. Siguiendo los pasos del fallido Plan Colombia estas negociaciones han establecido un llamado Plan México.

    Para el Center for Internacional Policy detener el Plan Mexico es uno de los tres desafíos mas importantes para proteger los esfuerzos para construir sociedades mas justas y pacificas en América Latina. Este ha declarado que, “no podemos concebir una política constructiva y coherente en el hemisferio sin tomar estos primeros pasos.”

    Los Amigos de Brad Will ( han estado organizando acciones para detener el Plan México y necesitan que ustedes tomen con nosotros las siguientes acciones.

    En Noviembre, el Sindicato de Trabajadores del Acero (United Steel Workers) declaro su oposición al Plan Mexico.

    Pedimos que los activistas hagan llamadas telefónicas a presidentes de algunos comités en el congreso federal de los Estados Unidos demandado responsabilidad en el caso del asesinato de Brad Hill y las muertes de maestros y otras personas. Responsabilidad por estos crímenes debe preceder cualquier desembolso de ayuda letal pagada con nuestros impuestos a las brutales y corruptas fuerzas de seguridad y gobierno Mexicanos.

    El Plan México debe de hacerse publico y reformas judiciales y policiales deben de preceder cualquier ayuda letal hecha a las corruptas instituciones del gobierno mexicano.

    Hagan un llamada telefónica a miembros del Congreso para demandarles que tomen una posición firme en contra del Plan México:

    * Congress member Elliot Engel
    Chair of Western Hemispheric Affairs Subcommittee: 202-225-2464
    * Congress member Tom Lantos
    Chair of Foreign Affairs Committee: 202-225-3531
    * Congress member Nita Lowey
    Chair of Foreign Operations Subcommittee:202-225-6506

    De tener tiempo por favor también llamar a las oficinas de los candidatos presidenciales demandándoles tomar una posición firme en contra del Plan México:

    * Senator Hillary Clinton: 212-688-6262
    * Senator Barack Obama: 202-224-2854

    También haga una cita y reúnanse con estos representantes. Estas son acciones muy efectivas. Háganos saber que es lo que les dicen (tambien les podemos ayudar con la preparación de materiales)


    As you all know Plan Mexico is a secret “security pact” to expand the ‘drug war’ in Mexico which would provide lethal equipment – including helicopters, surveillance equipment, and lethal training to brutal Mexican security forces and corrupt government institutions. Much more information is available at:

    I found the pieces by Laura Carlsen and Claudio Albertani particularly useful. The press release by the United Steelworkers and Global Exchange’s analysis of free trade and immigration also provide useful insights into the many reasons to oppose Plan Mexico. Much more exists online for inquiring mind to explore and consider.


    1. Write to and call congress people (these are the people who have the power to demand an investigation and at least not reward the murder and cover up w/significant lethal aid (taxpayer $) which would be used to continue to target activist, miners/teachers and other workers, indigenous leaders, environmentalists.)

    2. Set up a meeting with your congresspeople and bring them materials available at to show real people care.

    3. Issue (or ask to be issued) on behalf of more NGOs, community-based groups, and unions to demand an end to impunity (for the murder of Brad Will and other innocents murdered by Mexican security forces) and in opposition to Plan Mexico. We got lots of statements from Mexican organizations but not as many yet from groups with members who knew Brad.

    4. Plan to attend Congressional hearings on February 7th in Washington, D.C. and provide/obtain housing, transportation, $ for gas and photocopies for that important effort. Offer to work in support of that effort if you can’t make it by doing press work, preparing copies/portfolios of information etc.

    Here below is the language from the flyer we provided at our citywide meeting two days ago, supplemented with calls for fair hearings on Plan Mexico which include opponents to this ‘drug war’ boondoggle.

    Action Steps

    We are asking activists to call relevant U.S. committee chairs to demand accountability for Brad’s murder and the murder of many teachers and their supporters. Accountability must precede any provision of U.S. taxpayer-funded lethal aid to the corrupt and brutal Mexican security forces and government.

    Plan Mexico must be made fully public and reforms of the Mexican judiciary and police must precede any lethal aid being given to corrupt Mexican government institutions. We demand fair Congressional hearings which provide opportunities for serious concerns about the dangers of Plan Mexico to inform Congressional deliberation.

    Call relevant Congress members to urge that they take a strong position against Plan Mexico:

    ? Congress member Elliot Engel
    Chair of Western Hemispheric Affairs Subcommittee: 202-225-2464

    ? Congress member Tom Lantos
    Chair of Foreign Affairs Committee: 202-225-3531

    ? Congress member Nita Lowey
    Chair of Foreign Operations Subcommittee: 202-225-6506

    Also – if you have time – please call the offices of candidates for President to urge that they take a strong position against Plan Mexico:

    Mike Gravel: 703-652-4698

    ? Senator Barack Obama: 202-224-2854
    ? Senator Hillary Clinton: 212-688-6262


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