Urban paramilitaries attack University

On January 15th, 2007, before the beginning of a youth march for the liberation of political prisoners, Urban Paramilitaries (porros) initiated a series of provocations to defame the social movement. Known urban paramilitaries (identified as Aladin and Crusty) have occupied and burned at least two buses to provoke violence before the march, and other urban paramilitaries have began to open fire at UABJO (Benito Juarez Autonomous University of Oaxaca). Students are being forced out of classrooms and clashes have ensued.

The youth march is scheduled for 4 pm and is beginning to get together. Students and organizers are concerned for their safety, seeing as how these tactics of provocation always lead to violence in peaceful actions. Please post widely and remain vigilant.

The march went off with out a hitch. There was a lot of graffiti and some property destruction. It ended up at Ixcotel prison where several international observers and video cameras watched over as the entrance was graffitied, and chants were made against approximately 50 heavily armed (militarized) riot police.

thanks for paying attention.
Simon Sedillo

* Foto: Román López R.


  1. Keep on keepin on, Simon..we will remain vigilant. Protect the young folks. Viva Oaxaca!

  2. Lets make the peaceful assertive and creative graffiti and protest so clearly defined from the propaganda fakery that-any porro violence is instantly recognisable to all.
    !If you do the graffiti on BIG mantas it is understood as art and is much harder to paint over..it can be unfurled again and again and again…….
    And the defacement argument cannot hold…the images are there for all to see…Viva Oaxaca, Ciudad Pintada Heroica!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Enfrentamiento en la UABJO
    y sigue el desmadre!!!

    Fotos en Kaos en la Red

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