Solidarity Message from Mexico City

February 14th, 2008: In view of the threats of repression against our comrades, we declare our solidarity with the APPO as it faces widespread media accusations with regards to the killing of the police torturer Alejandro Barrita Ortiz.

We strongly condemn the effort to condemn the heroic Oaxacan movement in this dirty media campaign that is tying our comrades to the EPR without any grounds whatsoever, while hounding this armed group and trying to criminalize their legitimate demands…

We denounce this campaign as one more effort by the assassin Ulises Ruiz to justify a new barrage of repression.

We repeat our support for the Oaxacan comrades in resistance and all the political prisoners, and although it may not be worth anything, we hold the state and federal governments responsible for any act of violence against our comrades.

Cruz Negra Anarquista-DF.
Kinta Brigada.ay! Carmela
Colectivo Colibri Libertario

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