Vicente Fox protested in Evansville, Indiana

On Friday April 10th, former president (or “Persident” as the marque at victory theater read) of Mexico Vicente Fox spoke in downtown Evansville, Indiana. During a speech regarding his dedication and commitment to the education of Mexico’s youth, two activists began to heckle him about sending in military troops to murder teachers during the teachers strike in Oaxaca. The crowd was pretty displeased with the interruption, but Mr. Fox was reminded of the people he murdered, and that the revolutionary struggle of the people of Oaxaca will follow him wherever he goes. The second activist reminded him of how his participation in NAFTA had left his country in political and economic ruin. Shortly afterwards, both of them were willingly removed from the theater, no arrests were made.

The protest itself made limited press, but the Evansville Courier Press reported: “At one point, several hecklers interrupted his speech. Fox said they could stay to hear the discussion as long as they remained quiet, but they were escorted out before he continued.”

The protest was done in solidarity with the people in all Latin American countries affected by NAFTA, and especially for friends of Brad Will, a journalist who was murdered in Oaxaca by the Mexican military. The protest was also related to the NAFTA super highway due to begin construction this year in Evansville.