Universal Protest on the Day of the Dead

by Acteal justicia y memoria

Let us call together for the reopening of the investigation of the Acteal massacre case as a State crime, and let us honor the victims on the Mexican Day of the Dead.

Join those individuals and groups who care in the place you live in, in order to organize a vigil for the night of November the 1st, 2009, followed by a demonstration, sit-in or any other peaceful act the following day (the Mexican Day of the Dead).

It doesn’t matter in which country you live: those actions taking place in Mexico will be joined by those organized outside the Mexican Consulates and Embassies in other countries, so that we complete a full day’s global call for justice.


Remember that this must be a peaceful and dignified act, honoring the spirit with which the community of Las Abejas has fought for justice throughout all these years.

Surf the pages of Acteal justicia y memoria in order to get more information and coordinate the diverse actions.

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