We Saw It, We Lived It. Narrations in Movement, Oaxaca 2006

by Oaxaca Libre

Narrations in Movement: Oaxaca 2006. This is a publication by the alternative news media Oaxaca Libre and Revolucionemos Oaxaca, in collaboration with the Universidad de la Tierra in Oaxaca and Swarthmore College in the United States. It’s a product of the Seminar on Creative Journalism held in the last semester of 2008 in Oaxaca. The stories are told by people who lived in an encampment, by those who rediscovered the streets in marches, by those who smelled the tear gas of repression or felt the warm blood of a friend or family member only seconds after their loved one was hit by a bullet…

Here are their perspectives. Teachers, journalists, students, vendors, lawyers attended the Seminar… Some were over seventy years old, dialoguing with young people under twenty. But day in and day out, they all experienced the heroic actions of 2006. And they came together to tell what they saw. Here you have many voices assembled by the speakers themselves. They are convinced that only stories have meaning, and they joined up to tell them in this book that we’re presenting today to commemorate the significant events that took place one November 25th.

Here they are. Again. It’s time to touch them, feel them, live them.

Download the Book (in Spanish):

Lo Vimos, Lo Vivimos. Narraciones en Movimiento, Oaxaca 2006