Four of Six Disappeared in San Juan Copala Are Confirmed Alive

UPDATE: All Six Disappeared in San Juan Copala Are Confirmed Alive

by Kristin Bricker

Contralinea reports that David Venegas and Noe Bautista from VOCAL have made it to safety in Juxtlahuaca, Oaxaca. They say they were with missing Contralinea reporters Erika Ramirez and David Cilia.

Venegas and Bautista have a video of Ramirez and Cilia that proves the journalists are alive. Ramirez is unhurt but dehydrated. Cilia has a bullet in his thigh and another bullet grazed his waist, but Venegas and Bautista say that neither are in danger of dying as long as they are rescued soon.

Venegas, Bautista, Ramirez, and Cilia had been missing since the April 27 paramilitary attack on an aid caravan that was headed for the autonomous municipality of San Juan Copala in Oaxaca.

Cilia’s father David is en route to the conflict zone. He has stated that he will search for his missing son, regardless of the risk it entails.

Still missing are two Triqui women from San Juan Copala, whom paramilitaries kidnapped just prior to the attack on the caravan. The UBISORT paramilitaries, whom are allied with the ruling party in Oaxaca, released a third woman who notified the autonomous municipality of the kidnapping. UBISORT is demanding a ransom for the missing women.


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