Message for Atenco from The Other New York

To our sisters and brothers from the People’s Front in Defense of the Land:
To our sisters and brothers Zapatistas:
To our compañ[email protected] from The Other Campaign:
To our compañ[email protected] from the Zezta Internazional:
To our compañ[email protected] adherents to the International Campaign in Defense of El Barrio and our allies from all over the world:

Accept this greeting in solidarity from the women, men and children, the socially marginalized who belong to The Other Campaign New York, Movement for Justice in El Barrio, in zapatista East Harlem.

Today, May 3rd 2010, on the fourth anniversary of the repression, murders, arrests, rapes, torture, and house raids committed by the military police in Atenco, Movement for Justice in El Barrio reaffirms our commitment to the struggle for justice for the dignified people of San Salvador Atenco, Mexico.

Today, on this fourth anniversary of the repression, we commemorate the social justice fighter Alexis Benhumea and Javier Cortez who were assassinated by the bad government during the brutal attacks. With pain we remember them. Determined to fight so that their deaths will not be in vain we remember them. So that one day we can live in a world that they dreamed of where all worlds fit.

Today, on this fourth anniversary of the repression, we also want to recognize the strength of the great women fighters who were raped by the police during the take-over of the town. Their pain enrages us and we admire their courage, not only have they had to deal with the worst imaginable suffering. They have exposed the brutality and sexual torture committed by the State against women who fight for justice. Because of these dignified women, which the State tried to humiliate, the magnitude of cruelty at which the military police operates became known. Their courageous voice grows within us and we hope to one day be worthy of their dignity.

Today, on this fourth anniversary of the repression, as immigrants from the other side with heart and memory we unite in our cry of rage to the cry of our beloved sisters and brothers of the People’s Front in Defense of the Land, who have family members in prison serving absurd sentences for invented crimes, while the true criminals of the bad government are not being accused of anything.

From here in New York we demand:

1) Liberty for the 12 political prisoners of Atenco.

2) That the Supreme Court of Justice review the case of Atenco with impartiality.

3) Cancellation of the arrest warrants for those two who are being persecuted.

4) Revocation and repeal of the sentences.

5) Total respect for the human rights of the detained and persecuted.

6) Punishment for those responsible for the violations of human rights.

We will not rest until these demands are met.

We also humbly ask the dignified people of the world that EVERYONE unite with the National and International Campaign of Liberty and Justice for Atenco so that TOGETHER we can achieve justice for our dear brothers and sisters of Atenco.



From The Other Campaign New York, sincerely:

Movement for Justice in El Barrio

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