Mexico City solidarity rally with Caravan headed for Copala

On January 28, Bucareli Avenue in front of the Ministry of the Interior was blocked for several hours by displaced indigenous people from the Autonomous Municipality of San Juan Copala in the Mixteca mountain range of Oaxaca. They were joined by members of the Other Campaign, people from San Salvador Atenco and others who came to show their solidarity.

They denounced the repression against the Caravan made up of Triqui people displaced from their homes, who headed out for Copala from Oaxaca City along with people from solidarity and observation groups. Under orders of Governor Gabino Cue, who has broken his promise of creating safe conditions for their return, they were blocked by state police and prevented from going back to their community.

Arguments given by the authorities are totally ridiculous. The displaced Triqui people are being asked to negotiate with their own killers in the event that they are allowed to go in. Cue has imposed a municipal president thought to have shot down Finnish activist Jyry Jaakola in a previous caravan for documenting violations of paramilitary groups against the Triqui community that has declared itself free. Free to govern itself outside the prevailing system. Free in the autonomy of original peoples, as exemplified by the women and men of Cherán, Michoacán, who just elected their own leaders according to their own traditions and customs, with no interference from the rotten, partisan political class.

As an example of the “negotiations” offered by the government, the killers now occupying Copala demand that only two displaced families a month return to their homes within the next four years; that they receive no visits or extremely limited visits; and that the families accept politically biased territorial allotments. These will be determined by the very paramilitary groups that have become the political bosses of the town and will supposedly guarantee the security of the victims. It is the height of absurdity. They want to turn Copala into a concentration camp for rebellious indigenous people who are out of control ––who don’t accept the place assigned to them by ruling powers throughout a long history of pillage and plunder. A prison, not an autonomous community, is what Gabino Cue is trying to impose after breaking his promises.

Gabino Cue. A perfect example of the kind of government we have in the whole country, where political parties are irrelevant and the rulers are an oligarchy of corrupt functionaries and capitalists sick with greed. Gabino. The candidate of the PAN and PRD parties that brag about defeating the PRI without changing the essence of the political economy. They’ve just replaced one manager with another to keep on selling Oaxaca’s territory to transnational megaprojects, bowing down to paramilitary groups created by the ruling class itself. In Mexico, the main political parties rule over vast territories through corruption, complicity with organized crime, and criminal government practices.

México. A territory full of people displaced by politicians who kill all life in the countryside by failing to provide jobs, driving people northward, subjecting them to hunger, and failing to meet their needs ––displaced by the war waged on all the peoples of Mexico by the government in collaboration with international bankers and cannibalistic corporations that devour people alive, that chew them up and spit them out into lives of dire poverty.

Instead of showing respect for indigenous people like the Triquis, who are the pride of our culture, government “representatives” treat them with scorn. The blood of the Triqui community has colored its history of sorrow and resistance with a courage sustaining a long exodus in search of autonomy, justice and freedom.

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