Medical Support for “Chavira” of Radio Fogata in Cherán, Michoacan


Salvador Huároco Román – “Chavira” is a community member from Cherán, Michoacán. He has been a militant in the social movement in Cherán, participating in the assemblies, as an authority in the communal government, and as an DJ on Radio Fogata since its inception! As an authority in the first communal government he also supported the Cherán TV project very much.

As a community member, and as a communicator Chavira needs our support for a very serious injury to his hand. The medical expenses so far have exceeded $ 350,000 pesos so support for the compañero is urgently needed.

In the accident that Chavira sustained, his hand was trapped between the stone rollers of a machine that has a very strong three-phase motor that it very difficult to stop. As you can see in the photo, the accident was very serious.

So far the following are the surgeries that have been performed on Chavira:
1. The first general surgery for the reconstruction of what was left of his hard hand for 12 hours and together with hospitalization, the cost was 227 thousand pesos.

2. The second surgery was the amputation of his fingers and the cost was 48 thousand pesos.

3. The third surgery where all the dead skin of his palm and above the hand was removed, the cost was 27 thousand pesos.

4.The fourth surgery where skin from his leg was removed and then grafted on his hand cost 19 thousand pesos.

And the medicine costs so far are 27 thousand pesos. On January 8 or 9, he has another medical appointment with the surgeon and already says that other surgeries are likely to be done ahead of time to complete the process.

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