The San Quintín Rebellion

Two years earlier, a slogan had spread like a dust cloud: fair wages. There was already talk of a “crazy idea”: they had to rise up.

We’re excited to share news about the launch of a new bilingual microsite on the San Quintín rebellion in Mexico, published by Regeneración Radio. Below are excerpts from the site.

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Peace Police and Counterinsurgency in Salinas

Community organizers are collaborating with the Salinas Police Department to silence and distort anti-police sentiments within the community of Salinas.

[ Peace Police Distribute the “Rules of Conduct” ]

By Bradley Allen

On Thursday, May 22, a “Massive March Against Salinas Police Brutality!!” was announced for Sunday, May 25 in response to the Salinas Police Department killing three people within the last three months. Some of the march organizers, in collaboration with nonprofit agencies, politicians, and the Salinas Police Department, worked to change the messaging of the protest, and the ‘March Against Salinas Police Brutality‘ became the pacified ‘March for Respect, Dignity and Justice.’

On March 20, SPD killed 42-year-old Angel Francisco Ruiz outside of a Wingstop restaurant, and on May 9, SPD killed 26-year-old Osman Hernandez outside of a Mi Pueblo Market. On Tuesday, May 20, police killed 44-year-old Carlos Mejia outside of Delícía’s Bakery at the corner of Del Monte and North Sanborn. Although videos show the police ruthlessly killing Mr. Mejia, Salinas Police Chief Kelly McMillin has been working to cover-up the truth of what really happened, and stated that Mr. Mejia was the aggressor and that he attacked the police.

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Teachers violently removed from Mexico City Zócalo attract mass support

Schoolteachers demanding worker rights and free public education for everyone were violently removed from the Mexico City Zócalo on September 13 and are now regrouping.

On September 13th, 2013 teachers of the CNTE (National Commission of Education Workers) who have been on a nationwide strike against the privatization of education for nearly two months, were violently evicted from the protest encampment at the nation’s capitol. The teachers have regrouped at a new location and plan to take back their original encampment on the 18th.

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The People of Watsonville 1 — Picking the Colonizers’ Vegetable

By David Bacon
Watsonville, CA 11/19/10

The California coast, from Davenport south through Santa Cruz, Watsonville and Castroville, is brussels sprouts country. Most of this vegetable in north America comes from these fields, although a growing harvest now takes place in Baja California, in northern Mexico.

In both California and Baja California, the vast majority of the people who harvest brussels sprouts, like those who pick other crops, are Mexican. In Baja they’re migrants from the states of southern Mexico. In California, they’re immigrant workers who’ve crossed the border to labor in these fields. On a cold November day, this crew of Mexican migrant workers picks brussels sprouts on a ranch outside of Watsonville.

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Documentary about Oaxaca – “From the Edge of the Blade”

On June 14th 2006, when police forces attacked thousands of striking teachers in Oaxaca, Mexico, the annual strike turned into a widespread popular rebellion, demanding the governors’ resignation. A broad social movement of teachers, social organizations, unions, students, activists, and indigenous communities took over the city in an effort to change the devastating conditions imposed on them by international trade agreements and corrupt politicians.

Through massive actions of civil disobedience, highway blockades, general strikes, takeovers of radio and TV stations, government buildings and cars, they temporarily forced out the governor without spilling a single drop of blood. Eventually, federal forces entered the city and reinstated the governor. Hundreds of activists and bystanders were imprisoned and tortured, and the ongoing repression against the social movement intensified.

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