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Women Confronting Feminicide: ‘We don’t want to live in fear’

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It’s getting more dangerous all the time to be a woman (or girl) in Mexico, where seven sisters, friends, comrades, mothers or daughters are killed every single day with impunity — and with a level of hatred and scorn once unthinkable. Living breathing people, now tortured to death, become a cast of characters in a macabre spectacle: There’s the girl that’s dismembered, another beaten bloody, another impaled, another stuffed into a suitcase, yet another drowned in a sewer. Virtually all have been raped. This is the face of feminicide.

Fed up with this alarming situation, women in Mexico City and the states of  Guerrero, Guadalajara, Michoacán and Oaxaca, joined in the global mobilization against feminicide convoked from Argentina after the vicious rape and murder of 16-year-old Lucía Pérez, last October 8. The young girl was drugged and attacked by at least three men —Juan Pablo Offidani, Matías Farías and Alejandro Alberto Masiel— who left a pile of used condoms before raping her anally with a pole. According to the district attorney who investigated this crime, “extreme pain caused her death through stimulation of the vagal nerve,” prompting a heart attack.

Prisoners Solidarity

Anarchist Prisoners in Mexico on Hunger Strike in Solidarity with US Prison Strike

Noticias de Abajo and Anarchist Black Cross – Mexico
September 28, 2016
Translated by Scott Campbell

During a press conference on September 28, anarchist prisoners announced the beginning of an indefinite hunger strike. They are compañeros Fernando Bárcenas and Abraham Cortés, prisoners in North Prison, Luis Fernando Sotelo, prisoner in South Prison in Mexico City, and Miguel Peralta, prisoner in Cuicatlán Prison in Oaxaca. The strike is in rejection of the 33 year and five month sentence given to Luis Fernando Sotelo, to mark three years since the arrest of compañero Abraham Cortés on October 2, 2013, and in solidarity with the prison strike underway in the United States against the exploitation of prisoners’ labor and in support of the revolts against the killings of African-Americans by police in the U.S.

The three compas in Mexico City have gone on hunger strike, while Miguel will go on fasts.


At Six Months: Letter to Berta Cáceres, My Mother

By Berta Zúniga Cáceres
August 28, 2016
Translated by El Enemigo Común

The Lenca social justice fighter Berta Cáceres was assassinated this past March 3 in her hometown of La Esperanza, Honduras. From the outset, Berta’s family and the Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH), of which Berta was the coordinator, blamed the D.E.S.A. company that is building a destructive hydroelectric dam along the Gualcarque River. Six months later, her daughter, Berta—one of Berta’s three children who have taken on the mantle of the struggle, writes this letter to her mother.

Letter to Berta Cáceres, my mother.

Six months ago I was traveling from Mexico to Honduras with great urgency; time had slowed down. I had to meet up with Laura and Salva so that we could bid farewell to your hands, to your eyes.

The news of your assassination made sense. Days earlier, we had been writing a communique together to denounce the reactivation of the Agua Zarca project on the other side of the Gualcarque River. We bet on stopping the project by denouncing the role that the financing banks play as accomplices, even as we recognized the aggressiveness with which DESA operates and understood they had no intention of stopping the project.

Prisoners Solidarity

Take Action: Demand freedom for 6 Palestinian prisoners in Palestinian Authority jails on hunger strike

August 30, 2019

Six Palestinian youth, arrested as part of the Palestinian Authority’s “security cooperation” with the Israeli occupation, are currently on hunger strike and imprisoned in the PA’s Beitunia jail, demanding their freedom.

Basil al-Araj, Mohammed Harb, Haitham Siyaj, Mohammed al-Salamen, Ali Dar al-Sheikh and Seif al-Idrissi have all been held by the Palestinian Authority’s intelligence agencies since late March and early April 2016. Their detention has been extended repeatedly and indefinitely and their lawyers and families are now urging international action and solidarity for their freedom. Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network has consulted directly with the families of the six imprisoned Palestinian youth, who all urge international action and support by Palestinian communities and friends of Palestine for the freedom of their sons.


San Francisco: Solidarity March and Rally With Oaxacan Uprising

Friday, July 15
24th St. BART Plaza
San Francisco

A teachers strike that began on May 15 has grown into a widespread rebellion in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. 14 compañeros have been killed by the state, including 12 in a massacre on June 19.

Join us on Friday, July 15 at 7pm at the 24th St. BART Plaza in San Francisco to mark two months since the strike began as we march in defiance of state repression and in solidarity with our compañerxs on the barricades in Oaxaca.