“We’re the hope of all the rest”: Political prisoners on hunger strike in Chiapas

Informative meeting and rally in Mexico City to demand freedom for the prisoners and denounce the transfer of Alberto Patishtán

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They pulled up at 2:35 in the morning, October 20, 2011 to do their dirty work. The mission of the federal agents? To take Professor Alberto Patishtán Gomez to a maximum security prison far from home. They think that’s the way they can demoralize the political prisoners who’ve been on hunger strike in Chiapas since September 29 and their family members who’ve been camped out in their support since October 8.

One day before they took him away, Patishtán wrote these words: “All the bad rulers and authorities in Mexico are walking backwards for one reason only– the Lie they call Truth and the Truth they call Lie. And that’s what’s led them to trample on the rights of the people and do special harm to those of us who are unjustly imprisoned…”