In Oaxaca, Police Threatening the Relatives of those Killed by the State


By Renata Bessi and Santiago Navarro F.
June 29, 2016
Avispa Midia
Translated by Scott Campbell

It has been more than a week since the massacre of June 19, perpetrated by the Mexican state, who gave the order to the Federal Police to retake control of this state. There is still no justice. The toll continues to climb, 12 deaths recorded so far, dozens disappeared and at least 100 wounded by firearms. On top of dealing with the aftermath of the deaths, now the relatives of the dead and wounded are being threatened so they don’t take any legal action. This was reported by lawyers advising the families.

“There is fear because there have already been threats directed towards the families and the prisoners who were arrested. They even arrested twenty people who were in the municipal cemetery digging a grave to bury a family member who passed away on June 18 due to causes unrelated to this situation. They tortured them during transport and they were held in the state police barracks for more than two days and in the end they released them and told them to go, that nothing had happened. Things are not so simple,” said Mariana Arrellanes, a lawyer with Section 22 (of the teachers union) in Oaxaca.

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Nochixtlán: An Attack Denied by the Government


June 22, 2016
Regeneración Radio
Translated by Tucson ABC

The morning of June 19, the Ministry of Public Security of Oaxaca (SSP-O) and the Federal Police (PF) perpetrated a coordinated attack to evict the highway blockade maintained by the students, teachers, and inhabitants of Nochixtlán. The result was 12 murdered, 27 arrested, 7 disappeared, and 45 injured, 37 by live ammunition from firearms.


Faces illuminated by the heat of the barricade that would later be deprived of life. Tense days in Nochixtlán. A tense calm. In the mornings, the cold is accompanied by coffee, bread, or atole, the result of collective organization. By night, military harassment and the absence of sleep, but also music and a determination to defend education.

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Total Solidarity with the Anti-Fascist Struggle

No Tolerance for Nazi Scum

The collective behind the bilingual website El Enemigo Común expresses its total solidarity with all those who showed up in Sacramento on Sunday, June 26 to shut down the white supremacist rally planned by the neo-Nazi Traditionalist Workers Party. In particular, we send strong support to everyone who was injured by either police or neo-Nazis, especially the nine compañerxs whose wounds required hospitalization. We encourage everyone who is able to donate to the anti-fascist medical fund and/or take action in one of the ways described here.

While our focus is on spreading news and information about resistance and repression in Mexico, we understand that solidarity is not dictated by borders and geographies. True solidarity means action. As such, members of our collective were present at the successful shut down of fascists in Sacramento and we all remain committed to supporting those who were wounded, those who are currently being targeted by fascists, and those who may be targeted by the state.

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Statement from the Oaxaca Libertarian Bloc

"We go towards life"

“We go towards life”

From Proyecto Ambulante
June 24, 2016
Translated by Scott Campbell


In the context of the most recent acts of repression and violence that have arisen in the country, as different anarchist collectives and individuals we have decided to show solidarity by going into the streets and carrying out various actions in the different parts of the country that are suffering the brunt of the state, and resisted with the people.

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Community radio journalist and activist killed by police in Oaxaca

Salvador Olmos de Radio Tu un Nuu Savii

Igavec Noticias
June 26, 2016

HUAJUAPAN DE LEÓN- Salvador Olmos García, a 27-year old vendor, community journalist, activist, defender of lands, vocalist and pioneer of the anarko-punk movement in Huajuapan, was found seriously injured this Sunday morning in the Las Huertas neighborhood of the city.

Around 4:40 this morning, rescue workers of the National Emergency Commission (CNE) were alerted by local police agents that that there was a seriously wounded person at an unnumbered building on Naranjos Street, so Ambulance 06 of District 020 was immediately dispatched to the spot.

When the paramedics arrived, they saw someone lying by the side of the road. They immediately gave him first aid and put him on a stretcher.

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