Films and Speakers in SF to Raise Funds for Oaxaca

On Saturday, October 14th in San Francisco, there will be films, speakers from local Zapatista groups, art and relajo (that means unregulated fun, gringuito;}
to raise funds for la lucha in OAXACA!

Donation: 5-$20, (more or less is ok, just give what you can compa 🙂

(el evento sera bilingue, disculpa que este mensaje no lo es, pero seguro que ust. ya sabe lo que ocure en Oaxaca y ya vendra para apoyar, verdad;)

All funds raised will directly benefit the most dire needs of the those in resistance and their families, through APPO, (the Popular Assembly of the Pueblo of Oaxaca), in their historic struggle to kick out the repressive government of Oaxaca, and defend themselves from the threat of military in helicopters and tanks, marines, police and secret government forces, that are all just waiting for the orders to attack. Already many students and teachers have been kidnapped, tortured and now blamed for the bombings of 3 banks and the macheteed corpse of a fellow teacher.

The films not only include atrocious violence and battles between the teachers and police, but also incredible acts of creative resistance from the community that has participated in many spirited mass marches, encampments and militant occupations of media and government buildings. And if you know anything about Oaxacans, you know that they include art and creativity in all they do, so you don’t want to miss these incredibly inspiring films. And remember, this isn’t a movie theater, so feel free to cheer and yell at the screen all you want ;}

Some of the films have subtitles, and some are narrated by a live interpreter, and guided by speakers from El Caracol de la Mission, who also are bringing many fresh silk-screened prints to sell for 5-$10 and shirts as well.

Also, La Colectiva Zapatista Ramona, who has recently returned from their trip to various places in Mexico, including Oaxaca, will be giving a report back from the front lines of the popular struggles and the support they are receiving by the Zapatista communities. (Unfortunately, there is a lot of controversy, blame and chisme right now about Marcos and the Zapatistas, so come and find out for yourselves their side of the story, no?)

Both groups are adherents to the Other Campaign, a movement that is attempting to unite the voices and struggles of the people. There will also be information and invitations to join the caravans leaving to the Other Campaign in Tijuana on the following day and days after.

i Viva Oaxaca y sus Flores Magon!
i Viva Ramona, la Sexta y la Otra!


START DATE: Saturday, October 14
TIME: 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Location Details: STATION 40
3030B 16th Street, in front of Mission Street Bart



  1. Hola!

    Folks in Madison, WI are interested in organizing in solidarity with the people of Oaxaca. Can you tell me where you’re sending the money raised to? Directly to APPO? How did you determine what the needs are and where to send donations?

    Thanks for organizing this event there! I’m hoping we can do something similar here in Madison.


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