Clashes With the Police, Barricades Re-erected in Oaxaca

November 20th, 2006 – Barucha Calamity Peller writes: About 5 thousand people marched to the zocalo. There, people got on top of trucks, barricaded the zocalo and began protesting the police. The police lunched teargas, after which began hours of battle. Protesters defended themselves with slings, fireworks, and bazookas, and constructed barricades around the APPO planton in Santo Domingo plaza, just blocks away from where the police were advancing from.

Police used multiple rounds of teargas and concussion grenades. There was at least one protester gravely injured. People cheered as rockets out of bazookas were launched into police lines a block up.

The number of protesters during the construction of the new barricades around Santo Domingo and confronting the police as they advanced with tear gas was about 150.

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Barucha Calamity Peller is a writer and photographer, high school dropout, and rabel rouser. For years she has worked within and reported on Mexican social movements. Her photographs and analysis have been widely distributed through alternative media outlets such as Counter Punch and the Independent Media Center. Peller reported from Lebanon during the 2006 Israeli-Lebanon war just before entering Oaxaca. She is known for getting herself into very dangerous situations and then escaping with photographs that depict both old women and young anarcho-punks fighting for peace and justice in the streets. Peller asserts that Oaxaca could not have been reported from the safety of a hotel room, but only from the barricades themselves.

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PFP and APPO clash in Oaxaca

11/20 | Members of the APPO faced off with federal police today in Oaxaca

By John Gibler

Here are some photos from a brief clash between the PFP and the APPO. As a march was passing by the PFP barricade, some people in the crowd threw rocks at the police, who responded by firing tear gas. The APPO retreated a few blocks, built a new barricade of their own and fired bottle rockets through plastic tubes at the police. The PFP continued to fire tear gas. At least 40 people were overwhelmed by gas, three were injured by the grenades, 15 were detained, but seven released. The APPO called on its members to retreat and prepare for the Nov. 25th offensive.


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