Firsthand Accounts and Photos in San Francisco

reZz writes: I (Tristan) just returned from an amazing experience in Oaxaca, Mexico. Striking teachers and all other progressive groups have united in the APPO movement. It is one of the most directly democratic organizations of its size. They have withstood months of attack by local and federal police and other groups. I spent two weeks participating in daily marches and all sorts of other events from the Constitutional Congress to a riot.

Thursday November 30
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Bound Together Books in SF
1369 Haight Street (at Masonic)

I will give a talk about what I saw and felt there as well as show some videos.


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  1. Firsthand Accounts, photos from Oaxaca at Bound Together

    Bay Area resident Tristan returns from Oaxaca with accounts of uprising and popular democracy in Oaxaca.

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