Regional Organizing Meeting in San Jose

Frente De Mexicanos en el exterior: Invitacion a todas las organizaciones

Estimados Hermanos y Hermanas,

We are calling for an important Northern and Central Valley regional meeting and asking for your organization’s participation and input. We would like your organization to send representatives to this regional meeting.

Estamos convocando una reunion importante para las organizaciones del Norte y el Valle Central, para discutir temas pendientes de suma importancia y invitando su participacion por parte de sus organizaciones, en enviar a personas en representacion de parte de su organizacion.

The issues we will consider discussing will be:
(Temas que se discutiran)

1. Organizational Coordination
2. Oaxaca Organizing Strategies
3. November 20, 2006 Convencion Nacional Democratica (DF)
4. Arnold’s Mexican Corporate Delegation Mid-Nov. Bush to meet with Calderon

Saturday, November 11th, 2006
1:00 PM
480 N. First Street (cross street is Empire St)
San Jose, Ca
(Estacionamiento atras del edificio)



  1. My name is David Partida and I would like to know how the meeting in solidarity with Oaxaca, in San Jose went, and to see if there would be any other meetings in the near future regarding this struggle???
    in struggle and solidarity,
    David Partida

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