Oaxaqueña Christmas in San Jose

Quetza – Comite de Defensa del Barrio writes: Enjoy with us music, food and refreshments, raffle and film showing of the Oaxaquen! Join with the community to enjoy a true Christmas gathering! We cannot forget the peoples of Oaxaca that are in serious conditions with people being disappeared by the Mexican government for organizing for their democratic rights.

December 24th, 2006
7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Centro Aztlan Chicomoztoc
520 So. 2nd St. (corner of William)
San José, CA
(408) – 885-9785
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  1. Support APPO

    Can you support with buying a raffle ticket ($10.00) for raffling a beautiful black leather futon (sofa-bed with 3 drawers on the bottom). The raffle will be held at the Centro Aztlan Chicomoztoc on Wednes., Jan. 3rd. The funds will go towards supporting the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO). Please call at 408-885-9785 if you want to support this important struggle that is being waged in southern Mexico.

    Estamos vendiendo boletos para rifar un sofa/cama de $10.00 cada boleto. La Rifa se llevara acabo en el Centro Aztlan Chicomoztoc, 520 Sur 2da (esquina con William) en San Jose, el Miercorles, 3 de Enero a las 7 pm. Los fondos son para el APPO. Por favor llame si desea apoyar esta importante lucha en Mexico.


    Tierra y Libertad! Quetza

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