Benefit in SF for the Int’l Day of Solidarity with Political Prisoners & Green Scare Day of Action

Speakers on Oaxaca/San Salvador Atenco (Mexico) Green Scare, the Black Panther Grand Juries, Palestine, Philippines

Featuring bands: Eskapo, Masacre, Myth of Progress, Chest Full of Arrows, Slash & Burn

All proceeds will go to support those struggling in Oaxaca & Palestine

Sunday, December 3rd, 2006
Balazo 18 Gallery
2183 Mission St, San Francisco
Door 5pm/Show starts 5:30pm (sharp)
$5-20 sliding scale

Background: On December 3, 2005 people in over 10 countries around the world including Palestine, the Philippines, Haiti, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, England, India and the U.S. marked the first “International Day of Solidarity with Political Prisoners, Prisoners of War, and Political Exiles” with rallies, marches, and other forms of resistance. Filipino political prisoner Donato Continente called for this day annually to challenge the increasing globalization of repression.

This year’s event at Balazo will celebrate the 2nd annual Day of Solidarity with Political Prisoners in this spirit- while simultaneously marking the week of the one year anniversary of the massive round-up and repression of environmental activists, known as the “Green Scare.”

There are over one hundred political prisoners incarcerated in the U.S. and tens of thousands imprisoned around the world. Under the pretext of the Patriot Act and the War on Terror, the U.S. government is imprisoning more people every day. The force-feeding of hunger strikers in Guantanamo, the torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib and the use of secret prisons in Europe are only a few of the grave human rights abuses taking place around the world under the authority of the U.S. government. Please join us in raising our voices against these atrocities. Proceeds from this event will benefit prisoners and freedom fighters in Oaxaca, Mexico and in Palestine.

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  1. December 7: A Day of Solidarity with Green Scare Indictees and Political Prisoners

    author: greenscare
    e-mail: greenscare (at)

    oppose the new war on dissent! organize a green scare solidarity event in your city!

    Please post far and wide!

    The term Green Scare refers to the Red Scares of the early twentieth century, made famous by the McCarthy hearings and the House Un-American Activities Committee. The Green Scare demonstrates a similar systematic criminalization of dissent as the U.S. government is using all its tactics (e.g., grand juries, specialized legislation, paid agents provacateurs) to target the radical environmental and animal rights movements, those who publicly support them, and others who struggle for a healthy, diverse eco-system and the rights of animals.

    On December 7th, 2005, the FBI made their first arrests of “Operation Backfire,” a multi-state sweep targeting alleged Earth Liberation and Animal Liberation Front activists with charges of conspiracy and arson threatening them with life in prison. Elsewhere, the government has convicted organizers of the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) campaign – a campaign that ultimately kept Huntingdon off the stock market and can take credit for the divestment of hundreds of their clients and investors. The SHAC 7 are currently serving up to 6 years for violating the “Animal Enterprise Protection Act” by operating a website. In Sacramento, Eric McDavid, waiting in solitary confinement for trial, faces up to 20 Years for alleged thought crime. In 2001, Jeff “Free” Luers was convicted of damaging 3 Sports Utility Vehicles that were later restored and sold. He is currently serving his 6th year of a 22 year, 8 month sentence.

    This year, on December 7, people all over the country will be organizing and participating in events to raise awareness about the Green Scare and show solidarity with those targeted by it. Please organize an event in your area to support Green Scare Indictees and political prisoners.

    Some ideas for events are:
    · Film screenings
    · Prisoner letter writing parties
    · Teach-ins
    · Support rallies
    · Fundraisers (garage sales, 5-k runs, bike rides, booksales, etc)
    · Shows or music festivals

    To get ideas or support, please go to Remember, everything you do to support people who are targets of prosecution should be LEGAL and in their best interest. Many are in pre-trial or in an appeal process; please do not organize something that could jeopardize their cases. Further, if you are organizing events specific to targeted individuals, please contact their support committees before organizing rallies or fundraisers. You can find their contact information at or by emailing us. To let us know what events you have planned, please email us at
    Illuminating the New War on Dissent



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