Female Oaxacan Student kidnapped and tortured for more than 48 hours

January 23rd, 2007 – indyOax writes: Translation of a testimony of a student who was abducted and interrogated for two days with two others.

On the day of January 12, 2007, we left my house with 2 students that I knew very well in that recently, the day of the march that took place on the 10th of the present month, a friend of mine introduced me to. They asked me if I could give them a place to stay since they had limited resources. Of what little we were able to discuss is that they had come to carry out a field study for their thesis.

we got out of my house to have dinner about 2030 or 2100 hrs near the building of the center for higher education in technology and industry (CBTIS) in San Felipe del Agua in Oaxaca City. A white pick up van with missing number plates blocked our way, on it were five people dressed as civilians, three travelled in the driver compartment and two were on the back. said people dressed in blue jeans, black shirts and army style boots, and had army style hair cuts, i suppose they were Ministerial Police from the state of Oaxaca. they asked us where we were coming from. one of my partners answered why were they asking and why was it any of their business. the persons, coming from behind, grabbed our clothes and violently they threw us into the van pointing at us with a hand gun and they laid us down with our hands on the back of our heads. later they told us not to raise our heads or they’d kill us and they said to me, ” who told you to get involved in this bollocks? old whore! why are you complaining in all these places? [[¿Quien te manda a andar en estas pendejadas? ¡Vieja puta! ¿Porque se andan quejando en diferentes lugares?” ]]

the truck got on its way, course unknown. i calculated that the trip lasted for about 2 hours, one of my companions raised his head and as a consequence one of the persons stepped on his back, and thereafter on all of ours. during the trip they were telling one of my companions that if he didn’t talk and didn’t tell them where Miguel was they were going to rape me and so to cut the crap, that we were student agitators, that we were a bunch of traitors and that we were going to tell them where doctor Bertha was.

we arrived to an unknown place where they violently got us off the truck pulling us by our t-shirts. what i could see was a large field, it looked like a village.

they got us into a room and pushed us against the wall, to later make us sit down on chairs. This accion was executed with the use of violence. the room was half empty, there were only chairs, a table, a single sofa from which we could see there was a bathroom. three of the 5 persons layed down a large number of photographs and told me to say who they were and where they were, to tell them who they were or they were going to go to my house and kill my brothers and sisters, they were even going to rape them. one of the persons got out a video camera and when he was going to start recording told us that hw knew many people that had participated on the 25th of november.

one of them told me i was a whore, he pulled me from my t-shirt again. i told them not to hurt me as i was pregnant ad one of them aggressively told me that i’d get that out for being a whore. the one that was interrogating me got out his weapon, a gun and put it over the table, he asked me about Miguel again and they left me sitting down for a long while. the same guy took one of my companions by the arm, sat him down and made the same question to him. where is Miguel and Doctor Bertha? ” Fucking swines” they took him by his hair and violently they raised his face and hit him with the butt of the gun in the eye brow. they said: that was good and the three of them left the room. i calculate that it was almost three in the morning, when they left us alone, they tied our hands and sat me in the middle of my companions.

already dawning the same persons arrived asking if we were hungry, none of us answered and one of them said to us: go and tell flavio sosa to feed you. one of my companions said that he wanted to go to the toilet to which they answered that they didn’t mind if he pissed himself on his underwear. afterwards they pushed us a can of food, and some plates but when we looked we realized that it was dog food and they said: right now, eat it, this is how you want to eat, fucking communists. they pulled me from my arm again, asking me for Miguel and Bertha. they interrogated me more and were telling me that indeed right now they were going to refresh my memory. the tied my hands and they took us one by one to the toilet, keeping us company they didn’t give us food nor water. among themselves they asked each other what they were going to do with us, that they were going to eat a nice pizza. the same guy who interrogated me the day before, asked me very courteously whether i was going to talk or not, to which i answered that i didn’t know anything and that i didn’t know anyone in the photographs that he had showed me, and then he hit me against the wall.

Already by night the same persons brought us out of the house, got us again on the pick up truck and took us in an unknown direction while they talked over a mobile phone. i more or less calculate about another two more hours long trip. they got us out of the truck and we had to walk without looking back. they told us that if either any of us turned our heads back or the first one to start running they would shoot us.

we walked and we came across a liquor store where i asked the woman if she could lend me her telephone to make a call and i told her all that had happened. i asked her where we were and she informed me that we were in the Microondas colony, near the Estrella colony. i talked to my mum and i told her everything, because she didn’t know know what had happened to me. the woman told me to please go away because she didn’t want any trouble. she told us to keep walking straight and that we’d come across a social security hospital ( ISSTE ), and i told her to lend me her phone again to tell my mum to wait for us there and we began the long walk following the directions we received, until we met my mother, to whom i told everything that happened and i asked her what time it was to find out it was 3:30 in the morning of the 14th of january 2007. my mother took us to my home with my companions. When we arrived at the house i went to the bathroom and i realized that i bled, so i imagined i had a warning of an abortion, and therefore i didn’t manage to sleep for the rest of the early morning. already about 08:00 in the morning , my companions went back to their original place of residence, at this time i went to see a doctor who indeed confirmed to me that the bleeding corresponded to an abortion threat over the month and a half gestation i had, and that it was the result and consequence of the blows i received from my attackers”

source: https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2007/01/24/18351115.php