Youth March for the Liberation Of Political Prisoners

Report from the First APPO Youth Encuentro
January 15th, 2008 – Comision de Prensa y Propaganda CODEP writes:
On January 12th and 13th the first APPO Youth Encuentro was held in Zaachila, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Among the many Plans of Action agreed upon by the diverse group of young folks, was a march on January 15th for the liberation of political prisoners in Oaxaca, in particular David Venegas Reyes.

As youth, we declare ourselves in favor of the exit of the illegitimate, assassin, represser and fascist Ulises Ruiz Ortiz.

-Against the fascist, neoliberal politic, headed by the illegitimate Felipe Calderon and his allies.

-We declare ourselves in solidarity and support of the fighting people of Zaachila.

-For the liberation of all political prisoners in Oaxaca.

-For the presentation, alive, of those disappeared, and a cease to the political persecution of social activists.

-For the punishment of those responsible for the assassinations of our fallen companeros.

-For the return of those exiled and a annulment of invented charges, and conversely, the absolute and unconditional freedom of all those processed.

-Against the militarization of our state.

-Against the militarization of the Zapatista communities in Chiapas.

-In support of the struggle of the Cananea miners.

-In support of the struggle of the “Normalistas” in Ayotzinapa Guerrero.

-In support of the declaration of war made by the Lakota-Sioux against the United States government.

-That those who assume autonomy or popular power here, revindicate the Mesoamerican Indigenous Principles of Unity and Resistance:

-Walk by asking

-Propose, not impose

-Serve, not serve oneself

-Teach by learning

-One no, many yeses

-A world in which many worlds may fit

-We are all equal because we are different

-Everything for everyone, nothing for us

-Lead by obeying

-Exercise power, not take power

-Commonality of people

-Enough is enough

among others….


  1. Throughout the weekend of January 27-28 Columbus, Georgia will once again become the meeting place for human rights activists from around the country. Families, friends and supporters will accompany and share with the eleven SOA Watch activists who during the November 16-18, 2007 Vigil to Close the SOA decided to carry their protest to close the School of the Americas onto the Fort Benning Military Reservation.

    Joanne Anderson, Ozone Bhaguan, Le Anne Clausen, Michelle Yippe, Art Landis, Ed Lewinson, Chris Lieberman, Diane Lopez Hughes, Tiel Rainelli, Gus Roddy and Stephen Schweitzer will be facing federal criminal trial on Monday, January 28th for trespass – punishable up to six months in federal prison.

    Watch a video clip of Caravan for Justice rider Tiel Rainelli cross the line onto Ft. Benning:

    Tiel sustained only minor scrapes from her crossing, and has healed well. She and the others will be appearing in court on Monday and they will be sentenced at that time.

    from Tiel: “To my slum livin young people search’n for meaning in a society that isolates and oppresses us, I call upon your critique, your lived experience, and your participation in the struggle. No longer should we allow others to speak for us, it is indeed time we spoke and organized for ourselves. Oppression has left us with a sickness that disrupts and perverts our capacity to love and resist and we have an undeniable responsibility to ourselves and each other to decolonize our minds and rebuild our communities.”

  2. With millions of dollars in U.S. military aid and SOA training, Mexico has undergone a massive militarization over the past decade.

    SOA graduates have played key roles in civilian targeted warfare in the states of Chiapas, Guerrero, and Oaxaca. At least 18 top military officials involved in the conflict are SOA graduates.

    General Jose Ruben Rivas Peña, who took the SOA’s elite “Command and Staff” course, authored the army’s “Campaign Plan Chiapas 94” which calls for “training and support for paramilitary organizations.” Rivas Pena’s analysis of the Chiapas conflict helped design the counter-insurgency strategy in Chiapas. Included in this detailed plan are directives to censor local media, to secretly organize sectors of the civilian population, and to conduct psychological operations against civilians.” General Rivas Pena was later sent to command the 28th Military Zone in Oaxaca when the Popular Revolutionary Army (EPR) appeared. After his stay in Oaxaca, paramilitary groups have appeared.

    View the names of 1764 Mexican soldiers and the courses they attended at the notorious School of the Americas:

    (In the “First Declaration of the Selva Lacandona” from Mexico’s Zapatista Army, the General Command of the EZLN called for “summary trials against the soldiers of the Mexican Federal Army and the political police who have received courses and have been advised, trained, or paid by foreigners … “)

    Read a report from the 2007 SOA Watch Delegation to Mexico and Costa Rica:

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