Psychological Operations in Support of Internal Defense

Psychological Operations in Support of Internal Defense and Development Assistance Programs (1968)

Military training film showing psychological operations in “Hostland,” a mythical (probably Latin American) country, designed to aid the host government in gaining the support of the population.

Producer: U.S. Army Pictorial Center
Sponsor: U.S. Army Materiel Command

Part I


Part II


At the United States embassy of a small fictional country, Hostland, delegates request assistance in counteracting the outside influences which “have planted the seeds of subversion” in their country. “As with most countries that find themselves in the midst of a Communist inspired insurgency, Hostland has a population with a doubtful sense of national unity”. In this fictional land with hints of Latin American influence, the United States military must work with the government of Hostland, not only to provide militaristic strength, but through psychological operations to gain the support of the population. “Psychologically, the military in every country in the world represents government authority. Military psychological operations cannot function independently. They must always reflect the national policy of the host country.”

A fake “ethnic” dance in “Hostland”
Shot through a drainpipe of soldiers digging a ditch with a crane in the background
Women and children at a pipe with running water
A military road block with contents of covered trucks being inspected by soldiers
Children at a playground being forced to leave by soldiers
People in front of microphones in a sound proof radio booth
People waving from the back of covered military vehicles as soldiers march along the side of the roads
Women and children being loaded into the back of a covered truck
A man looking through charred books near a damaged house with soldiers
A soldier sits in a rainstorm, looking at a piece of paper and clutching his bleeding leg
Close-up of a reel-to-reel tape recorder
Close-up of a farmer’s face — man is in overalls and wearing a hat
A soldier in a military jeep calls to the farmer man who walks towards the vehicle