Music and art from the social movement in Oaxaca

November 21, 2008: Below is a video Scott Campbell recorded and edited of the son jarocho group Raices performing one of the anthems of Oaxaca’s social movement, “Son de la Barricada”, at Nueva Babel in Oaxaca. It’s accompanied by Scott’s photos. The video is subtitled in Spanish, click the link for the English translation. Enjoy and pass it on if you like it.

Watch Raices performing “Son de la Barricada”

Raices – “Son de la Barricada”

The 14th of June in the year 2006
in the plaza of Oaxaca the world was turned upside down
early in the morning, near dawn
no one could have imagined what was going to happen

The teachers’ strike had taken the plaza
while the fucking government prepared the ambush
before day breaks, we’ll get rid of this encampment
screamed the police, and the repression began

Where are they from, Where are they from?
They’re from the barricade
And where are they from, where are they from?
They’re from the barricade [1]

The alert sounded in the street as to the where the troops entered
and the encampment was hurried behind the barricade
More stayed in their place instead of running off
because the people were now defending the plaza

They came from all sides with sticks, shouts, and rocks
and they sent all the police to hell
afterwards came the counterattack, from the ground and air
with gas that the teachers got rid of with vinegar

The gas and the bravery ran out, with the plaza heated-up
and the government forces fled in a stampede
the rock hit the traitor who attacked in the early morning
because today the people in the street await him in the barricade

He’s going to fall…

Translator’s note:
[1] In Spanish, this is a double entendre, as the word “son” means “they are” and also “music”. So “son de la barricada” can mean, “They are from the barricade” or “Music of the barricade.”