Juan Manuel Martinez Moreno is free!

February 18, 2010 – From Casa Chapulin – Juan Manuel Martinez Moreno, husband and father of three children, was released from prison for wrongfully being accused for the killing of Indymedia journalist Bradley Ronald Will. Will was shot on October 27, 2006 by paramilitary troops under the orders of governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz while he was recording a mobilization in Santa Lucia del Camino, Oaxaca during the 2006 APPO movement.

Amidst the clouds and rainy day, the Martinez Moreno family was greeted by community members, teachers, friends, and media. Family and friends marched from the prison to the Zocalo. Juan Manuel was imprisoned for approximately 16 months without any solid evidence or witnesses proving him guilty.

photos by Sylvia Gonzalez

Juan Manuel (green shirt) walks free with his family, friends, and teachers at his side while leaving Ixcotel prison.

The media captures the release of Juan Manuel Martinez Moreno

The family greets friends waiting for the freedom of Juan Manuel

The family stands strong as they receive the support of the crowd

Family members, friends, teachers, and community members march from the prison to the Zocalo to celebrate the liberty of Juan Manuel Martinez Moreno

Rally in the city center


In this clip, a community member shares with us some words while waiting for the release of Juan Manuel Martinez Moreno. Juan Manuel was imprisoned for over 16 months for being wrongly accused for the assassination of Bradley Will, Indymedia reporter.

In this clip, Juan Manuel Martinez Moreno shares with us words of hope upon recently being release from prison. He was imprisoned for over 16 months for being wrongfully accused for the murder of Bradley Will, Indymedia journalist, who was documenting a mobilization in Oaxaca during the 2006 APPO movement


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  2. audio text in english:

    Audio 1:

    Community member: We are here outside of prison. There are many people, media, friends. The family of Juan Manuel is inside, so are members of the teacher’s union (seccion 22) who have supported politically for all these months the liberty of Juan Manuel to demand of the liberty of Juan Manuel and punish the murderers of 2006 and other political demands. So we find ourselves here waiting for Juan Manuel to come out free and we are making demands and denouncing all of the situacion of impunity that there is in the state of Oaxaca.

    Audio 2:

    Juan Manuel: Friends, today I have obtained my liberty. This liberty has been thanks to all you, therefore today I want to give thanks to the teachers union (seccion 22), to all the organizations that form the APPO, to el puebo, the priests, and especially my family and lawyers: Gilberto Lopez, Alba Cruz, and Maria Libia. They carried out a legal defense while you carried out a political defense. But also I want to tell you companeros that I am not the only prisoner, that there are still political prisoners, from many other places, like the companeros of Loxicha and the companeros of Xanica. Thank you companeros.

    protesters: Right on!!!!

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