CIDH Grants Precautionary Measures to Juan Manuel Martínez Moreno

November 18, 2010

The Interamerican Human Rights Commission (Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos – CIDH) announced on November 10, 2010 the granting of Precautionary Measures in favor of Juan Manuel Martínez Moreno and his family in order to protect their lives and personal integrity. The petition he presented this past March, due to constant acts of harassment, has therefore come to fruition. Let us remember here that the most recent act of aggression he suffered was the raiding of his house, whereupon various documents and personal affects were stolen (AU September 24).

Let us also remember that Sr. Juan Manuel Martínez Moreno, here with us today, was unjustly accused of the assassination of Roland Bradley Will for which he remained in prison 16 months, from which he was released once the federal justice granted a writ of amparo (lit. protection; similar to a writ of habeas corpus) due to a lack of evidence against him. His case being a clear example of criminalization of social protest, Sr. Martinez Moreno has received a constant show of solidarity from local, national, and international organizations, including the Center for International Law and Justice (Centro por la Justicia y el Derecho Internacional – CEJIL), which has also offered support during the petition procedures.

The Center for International Law and Justice (CEJIL), accompanying us today, is an organization that defends and promotes human rights: Its prime objective is to insure full implementation of international human rights standards in those states that are part of the Organization of American States (Organización de Estados Americanos – OEA), by way of effective use of the inter-American system of human rights as well as other mechanisms of international protection.

The November 25th Liberation Committee (Comité de Liberación 25 de noviembre), which has stood by Juan Manuel Martínez Moreno and his family since the moment of his arrest, has declared their concern for his personal security and integrity due to the fact that the aggressions he has suffered have been on the increase. We reiterate: It is the Mexican State that is responsible for his security and his life, as well as those of his family.

Together with CEJIL and the Martínez Tejada family we exhort the Mexican State to comply with and follow through on the ruling of the Interamerican Human Rights Commission (CIDH); to effectively protect Juan Manuel Martínez and his family; and to complete a serious and exhaustive investigation ascertaining the origins of the jeopardy Sr. Martínez Moreno and his family have faced, with the purpose of pursuing and punishing those responsible such that the acts putting him and his family at risk do not continue.