URGENT: International Campaign in Defense of Wirikuta – Sacred Site of the Huicholes

Translation by Erica Lagalisse

January 28th, 2011

The Canadian transnational First Majestic has already begun the exploitation of the sacred zone of Wixiritari. This constitutes an unprecedented offense against the culture of our continent. The PRI state government of San Luis Potósi and the PANista federal government, ignoring the Huichol people who are respected around the world for their great wisdom and culture, are aiding and abetting this project. This is an intolerable deed. We openly manifest our contempt for these three actors – the corporation and both governments – and declare that sabotage and other forms of struggle against these looters and murderers will not be stopped.

A few months ago, the Wixiritari (Huichol) community received notice that Wirikuta, the most important of all their sacred sites, near Real de Catorce in the state of San Luis Potósi, had been given as a concession to a Canadian company to develop a silver mine – in spite of the fact that the site is within a culture and nature reserve protected by national and state laws, to preserve Wixirika tradition and also the 16 endangered species in the region. The news was received with incredulity.

“What they are planning is the destruction of our culture” said Rodolfo Cosío, one of the Wixiritari youths, “It’s like a spiritual death for us.”

In the heart of Wirikuta is Reuu’nax+ , or Cerro Quemado, (Burnt Mountain), the site where the sun was born according to the Wixarika cosmology, and where many sacred springs are also found, “over there is where our ancestors passed through when the world was forming…”. This is the very site where the Wixiritari are obligated to celebrate ceremonies year after year. Here in this desert is where they collect the sacred híkuri (peyote) that they use for their prayers and ceremonies. And it is right here where the next battle over natural resources in Mexico will take place, because the Wixitari are not disposed to let their ceremonial site be profaned without a fight. A fight that we are joining here at saboteamos.info and to which we invite others, a fight whereby we actively demonstrate our support in defense of the dignity of the original peoples of Mexico.

Participate in the international campaign to denounce the irresponsible and wicked people, corporations, and governments that aim to carry out this horrific project – they must be tried in international courts for their crimes. LET’S SAVE WIRIKUTA.

How to help:

* Join the Frente de Defensa de Wirikuta that has organized a list of contacts to keep everyone informed of new events. To do this write to [email protected] or [email protected] or call 52-33 38256886 and let them know that you would like to be on the info list. (translator’s note: I would assume you must write in Spanish). You can also follow news and updates on the blog SALVEMOS WIRIKUTA. You can also visit the Wirikuta webpages Centro de Investigación Wixarika and NO a la Minería en Real de Catorce.

* Organize a letter writing campaign to Mexican functionaries. Personal letters have more impact, but if you prefer you can use an automated site. Cultural Survival, an organization dedicated to raising consciousness about indigenous rights, has launched an international letter writing campaign; see link for letter templates and addresses, as well as articles that explain the matter in detail. Salva la Selva has another letter writing site.

* Sign the petition http://www.thepetitionsite.com/2/proclamation-in-defense-of-wirikuta/ (Sign! We have almost reached the first goal of 5000 signatures!)

* Support the legal defense fund and work to raise consciousness about what is happening. The Frente is working to pressure the Mexican government to halt the mine before digging begins in earnest. If you are a member of an organization that could help with a declaration of support for the Wixiritari people, or if you know someone with specialized knowledge or skills, like environmental experts or experts on mining that could help, please contact AJAGI.

* Make a donation to the Frente by way of Proyecto Esperanza (Project Hope) on this page with the subject heading WIRIKUTA, or by way of a bank deposit to AJAGI (c/o CARLOS CHAVEZ REYES, HSBC, Sucursal 00701, Clave interbancaria 0213 2004 0392 525721

* Above all, spread the word, email this to all your contacts! And join in the sabotage of the Canadian mining company and the Mexican government!

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  1. This is reckless greed on the part of First Majestic Silver Mining is a tragedy of cultural genocide against the Huiricuta Huicholes beyond words. Please continue to advocacy toward full resolve. Thank you…Gracias…Tazohcamatic~ Ometeotl

    Esteban Delgadillo

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