We condemn the disappearance of Carlos Rene Roman Salazar

Please support the teachers, indigenous, and popular organizations in their fight for justice in Oaxaca by supporting Carlos René Román Salazar, a longtime educator and activist who has been disappeared in southern Mexico. This letter will be circulated/published within and outside of Oaxaca by activists who are looking to show the international support for Carlos René. Please join us by signing the letter! Please include your organization (or school, church, etc.) if you have one in the “comments” section.

We demand the appearance of a living Carlos René Román Salazar!

To whom it may concern: We thank you in advance for the publication of this letter, which is directed to C. Felipe Calderón and Gabino Cué, President of Mexico and Governor of Oaxaca, respectively.

The organizations, unions, churches, academics, and people who have signed this document ask for your immediate intervention to achieve the appearance of a living professor Carlos René Román Salazar. He left his house in Villa Los Laureles in Santa Cruz Xoxocotlan in his gray Mazda-CX7 wagon, with license plates TWS4400. The last news of his was through a message, sent to one of his colleagues around 8:00 pm, March 14, 2011, which told of his location as he drove to a work meeting.

On March 16 the vehicle of professor Carlos René was found in a State Government-owned holding lot for vehicles, in San Jacinto Amilpas. Police moved the car from the railroad tracks; they report having done it at 6:50 AM on March 15. However, upon demanding more information, the Oaxaca government said it didn’t know about the case, despite having gotten the vehicle the day before.

The disappeared teacher is part of the union-educational structure of the Section (Local) 22 of the SNTE, a member of a collective of teachers and indigenous organization that demand the autonomy and reconstitution and free association of peoples, demands for which it has always been accused of being radical and rebellious. For us, this disappearance is a political act.

We lament that in spite of a government with different initials from the sinister and criminal PRI, nothing changes with respect to the violation of Human Rights in Oaxaca. If the government doesn’t solve this problem, it will show that it doesn’t deserve the trust of its citizens.

The Undersigned

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