The State and the School Teacher

[writ. 10/2/12] © ’12 Mumia Abu-Jamal

In the United States, teachers are criticized, called bad names, and occasionally, they have their pensions threatened.

That’s bad enough, but in Mexico, an elementary school teacher who also was a community organizer in the indigenous community of El Bosque in Chiapas, was framed in the killing of 8 cops, and faces 60 years in prison.

His name is Alberto Patishtán, affectionately known as ‘el profe’ (the prof – or teacher), and despite this legal tragedy, he is a widely known, widely respected and deeply loved teacher, religious person, and a gifted prison organizer.

Patishtán is imprisoned despite the sworn testimony of 10 witnesses who placed him in another community at the time of the ambush, and seriously conflicting police reports.

He’s been in prison for 12 years and, because of poor medical treatment and a faulty diagnosis of glaucoma, he suffers from an almost total loss of vision and was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor.

His friends, family and fellow Tsotzil community members are fighting for his freedom, especially given his recent serious health problems.

‘Profe’ Alberto has a blogspot:

He can be written at:

Señor Alberto Patistán Gómez
Carretera San Cristobal-Ocosingo km 20
San Cristobal de Las Casas,
Chiapes, C.P. 29240 Mexico

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