el pinche simon

el pinche simon

community rights defense organizer and documentary filmmaker. student.

Support Autonomous Brigades from Oaxaca Bringing aid to the Areas Affected by the Earthquakes

All funds collected will be delivered equally to two different autonomous brigades. One of the brigades is comprised of collectives and organizations that work directly with affected communities, taking aid and supporting the community in alternative healing practices. The other brigade is composed of 2 doctors and other volunteers taking aid and engaging in medical assistance and now setting up two community kitchens feeding approximately 13 - 15 families.

Members of CNI & Sexta condemn ambush and death of comrade

By Espoir Chiapas Translated by El Enemigo Común Cruztón, Chiapas, June 1, 2017 To the Good Government Council of Oventic To the National Indigenous Congress To the Indigenous Government Council To the National and International Sixth To the news media Compañeros, compañeras, our pain, rage, death and dignity now urge us to make our word known. The Adherents to the Sixth in the community of Cruzton,…