Solidarity Message from Mexico City

February 14th, 2008: In view of the threats of repression against our comrades, we declare our solidarity with the APPO as it faces widespread media accusations with regards to the killing of the police torturer Alejandro Barrita Ortiz.

We strongly condemn the effort to condemn the heroic Oaxacan movement in this dirty media campaign that is tying our comrades to the EPR without any grounds whatsoever, while hounding this armed group and trying to criminalize their legitimate demands…

We denounce this campaign as one more effort by the assassin Ulises Ruiz to justify a new barrage of repression.


APPO communiqué: Flavio Sosa’s arrest and the state’s systematic cleansing of the social movement

December 4th, 2006 – At about 19:30 today, two APPO councillors from the Roma Neighborhood were arrested. These are our compañero Flavio Sosa Villavicencio, one of the most visible councillors of the APPO and compañero Marcelino Coache. Both were in Mexico City, organizing solidarity actions with the people of Oaxaca. They where arrested together with Flavio’s brothers, Horacio and Ignacio Sosa Villavicencio.

They were arrested by the PFP when they were leaving a press conference held in the Social Communication Centre (CENCOS), where the APPO members had denounced the state of emergency in Oaxaca. Repression has spread towards the families of the APPO councillors, in the case of Flavio, another of his brothers Erick was arrested and moved to the high security prison in Tamaulipas.


Tension in Mexico City

Mexico City, 29th November 2006 – myrtle writes: The signs of discontent are visible all over the city. Graffiti on public buildings, banners from monuments, camps in the main plazas. And the police are hanging out in gangs everywhere.

Last weekend Obrador, the leader of the leftist party PRD, who allegedly lost the Mexican presidential election this July by only 0.58% of the votes, had himself, with the support of hundred thousands, inaugurated as president in an unofficial ceremony. Meanwhile, Calderón, the candidate of the rightist party PAN, will be officially inaugurated this coming Sunday when the outgoing president from the same party, Vicente Fox, steps down.


For the Dignity of the Peoples of Oaxaca, Don’t Forget June 14

October 5, 2006 – Flyer from the Walking March to Mexico City

“For the Dignity of the Peoples of Oaxaca, Don’t Forget June 14”

To National Public Opinion:
To the peoples of Mexico:

On May 22nd of this year, a period of struggle without precedent began in the State of Oaxaca, the primary objective of which was that the government of Oaxaca attend to the teacher strike demands delivered on May 1. The essential demands were for rezonification (adjustment of salaries for cost of living) and social demands such as student breakfasts, scholarships, uniforms, medical attention, shoes and school materials, for students in the most needy populations. Until June 13, there was no response from the government.


Oaxaqueños march to Mexico City

by Bill Weinberg

Even as the administration of President Vicente Fox renewed its pledge to find a negotiated solution to the crisis in Oaxaca, some 4,000 protesters left the state capital Sept. 21 on a planned two-week cross-country march to Mexico City, where they intend to establish an encampment outside the Senate to press their demand for the ouster of Gov. Ulises Ruiz.

El Universal reports that the march kicked off amid some dissension, as leaders of local Section 22 of the National Education Workers Syndicate (SNTE), which has been at the forefront of the movement, said they were “re-evaluating” the strategy and asked their followers to stay put. But a large contingent of teachers set out anyway, joining members of the Popular People’s Assembly of Oaxaca (APPO) in a procession north on the Oaxaca-Mexico City highway.